Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Older models and mature models marketing tips

Hey Girls of all ages and Ladies,

Remember that modeling is about modeling products, modeling "for" something. A brand, a service-post office, insurance company, a drug store, grocery store, hardware store even!, etc, a magazine, product campaign, commercials. Models are seen in print ads, commercials and online ads, and if you pay attention to the whole spectrum of models out there modeling for brands, products and services and in magazine editorials, you will see you are not limited by age. You do have to know how to market yourself, to the right agencies that work with models of all ages (usually called print modeling agencies, talent agencies and commercial print agencies).

Market yourself the age you honest look with photos that represent the real you is best. Make sure to market yourself with photos that are commercial print friendly that match the age that you actually and naturally and honestly look and consider that age group when you are creating photos.  To get inspired to create print modeling photos, look at ads and editorials and campaigns that are targeted for that age group.

A model I have worked with previous on a job recently commented on my Facebook page when I mentioned I would be writing this week about models and age. And one girl commented, You can Lie about your age. And then the girl I worked with commented saying you doesn't lie abotu 35 and gets booked all the time.

It is true, you do not need to lie about your age, and being a bit older can actually be a benefit in print modeling. The reason is because actually 30-40 is a prime age for commercial print work. Let's not forget that modeling is about modeling "products" and most lifestyle products these days are targeted towards the 30-40 year old consumer these days.  Hence, why your honest a-bit-older- age can be and is often a benefit these days. Remember how you market yourself can get you booked. If you think models are only teens and tall chicks then you are missing out on what could be an opportunity.

No matter your age: If you have a nice body and want to market it, focus on a catalog style of posing and don't go overly sexy with your photos, (commercial print agencies don't typically like glamour-ish photos, it turns them off because their clients are hiring a more commercial model), so when thinking of a body shot instead think of health, beauty, fitness, and for lingerie think more about pretty than overly teasing the camera in a way that only intrigues a male audience, (think pretty, something you can show your mother always for print modeling,--again no matter your age, think of your goals, it doesn't work well to go overly sexy anyways for commercial print modeling and agencies anyways.Keep it tame. ) 

Here are some examples I posted on my blog previously featuring mature models in ads and editorials.

And last weeks segment of Model Talk Radio was about modeling for all ages.

If you are a mature model you should still create beauty shots and close ups, because you want to consider editorials in magazines for beauty, hair care and skincare for the mature market, -many magazines Redbook, More magazine, parenting, health and fitness magazines and women's lifestyle magazines feature women of all ages,((--go to Barnes and Noble or a book store and study ads and all the magazines out there, there is more than just high fashion, ALOT more.)) And of course you need shots that show your personality and show you also modeling products and being active: home goods, jewelry, and cookware, cell phones, jogging, fitness, are all good ideas.

If you have kids or babies, you can also create photos pushing a baby carriage, laughing with your children, playing with a toy with your child, sharing a meal with your kids. Think about commercials and ads for "family meals" and "mobile phones, the family plan." Think of ads for lifestyle products that familes use.

There is nothing wrong with being a bit older, having a wrinkle or two and marketing yourself as a model. In fact older can even be better for your model marketing pursuits. Don't forget that commercial print agencies and commercial print modeling DOES involve models of all ages, who are hired to model lifestyle products that women 28-40 would use.

Think about the product marketing aspect when creating your photos, aim high and strive!

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