Thursday, December 23, 2010

My literary New Year’s resolutions

Hey Girls,

Galleycat featured a couple of my literary New Year’s resolutions today:

Short Stuff petite-model-turned-writer Isobella Jade: “My literary New Year’s resolutions are to continue to prove self-publishing can be a successful path, and to publish the teen novel that I am working on…”

And usually I carry many goals through out the year, it makes it easier to wake up for your self each day when you have goals. I set goals weekly, monthly and yearly.  Here are some others:
Prepare an inspirational book also I am planning in early 2011 to dive into the mobile publishing space; I'd like to get the wheels moving to turn my memoir Almost 5'4" and stories in Short Stuff  into a film or TV series with the right people behind it.

Writing down my resolutions is best, it makes them haunt me until they happen. However, you can't beat yourself up, if something isn't accomplished when you wanted to it to be, hang in there, you can still do it, do the best you can and keep the creative energy brewing and positive attitude, ~Isobella

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