Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm not into modeling schools but Kate Moss's might take off

Hey Girls,

Normally I say HELL NO to modeling schools, especially to the girls who reach out to me who are petite, and not tall enough for fashion modeling typically. Modeling school typically charge you crazy amount of money to boost your ego but not really teach you what you need to model when you are a shorter model (which most girls at these schools are and most girls in general are under 5'4" without heels) and instead these schools teach you things you don't need: how to walk, how to pose like a fashion model, etc.  Things that might be fun to learn, but a shorter girl will typically find more opportunity in commercial print modeling (where it is more about personality and other assets beyond height) and knowing how to walk on a catwalk doesn't really matter so much.

Elle UK recently asked model Kate Moss what she would teach models, when after citing the humiliations visited upon Britain’s Next Top Model contestants as realistic examples of the kind of treatment they could expect in the industry, she said starting a modeling school would be something she could open "I guess you need an eye for art, and also to get into your head that it’s not you – you’re somebody else. You have to be somebody else to be able to move like somebody else and act like somebody else.”  That, and to maintain their determination: “I’m very short and I’m completely lopsided – I’m not like those perfect, gorgeous Brazilians. But if you learn how to work it, then that’s it!”

When she says short, she doesn't mean as short as me, but she is considered short in modeling.

I think her school could be successful if she pursues it.

I agree with models having an eye for art and "acting" if a model has a perceptive artistic eye and understands the vision the art director, the brand, the editor or photographer has for the job, the better the shots will be. Often as a model you are "creatively winging it" and using the concept of the goal of the shot to create the best image you can. Your pose, how you act in front of the camera is based on the concept the photographer gives you or the marketing manager or brand manager or editor. And you are taking their vision and bringing it to life with your own creativity as well.

You have to be able to take direction well as well and understand the type of energy the shot has. Also you have to know your body, know how to move it to make it look great and proportioned.

I think the models' mind and mindset is something that 100% needs to be trained or at least used, as a model "thinking" is a huge part of the job. Even if I am hand modeling or shoe modeling or using my body for the job, I am giving my "part" a personality, if I am wearing a shoe for a campaign shot I am acting like the girl who would wear that shoe and my foot has to show that personality or vibe. Modeling is a lot about understanding also what the camera is doing, the angle of the camera, full body shot, close up, etc., the more you know about the shot being taken the better you can contribute as a model. Also, the mindset of a model is all about staying ambitious and positive, in modeling there is a lot of rejection, and you have to remember that YOU as a person are not being rejected but like playing a sport, you don't always win every game or book every modeling job, but that doesn't mean you are not a good model or should give up.

~Isobella Jade

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