Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I want to lip model

Hey Girls,

An aspiring model asked me recently about lip modeling, and how to start? 

Lip modeling is an area of "parts modeling" and to pursue modeling as a lip model you'd need to get together professional photos of your lips. The photos should look like ads and editorials,  study some in lifestyle magzaines, like this:

When preparing to craft photos, think about ads for cosmetics, skincare, also I've seen ads for beverages as well involving lips. Discuss your concepts with a professional photographer who understand what "parts modeling" is and is about.   A lot of times the "lip shot" involves just the lip, or half the face or it can involve actually the whole face, so strive to create shots of all types of your lips. Ex: your lips while putting on lipstick, your lips natural without lipstick, smiling and maybe making an expression with your lips/mouth.  Think health, beauty, skincare, food and beverage. And don't stress if you don't have ooohh sooo perfect teeth, these days "gap teeth" are stylish and you shouldn't have to worry over your natural self, so don't stress your teeth or freak out if your teeth are not perfect, just focus on getting your lips to look great in the shots.


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Unknown said...

Awesome! Any suggestions/ideas where to submit the pics to once they are acquired?