Monday, December 6, 2010

Favorite little thing: lockets on their way back and vintage jewelry

Hey Girls,
Remember the movie The Secret Garden? I have this memory of having an Secret Garden Locket as a kid. Mmmm, no clue where it is now, but I have this memory of having it. I think Lockets can make a comeback and are going to make a comeback. When I was visiting my family over Thanksgiving, I looked through my mother's mother's jewelry from the 1940s and she had a locket.

Last week I noticed The Cut at, featured Trois Petits Points lockets, I think lockets can make a comeback. And I like them.

Also when I was on my Honeymoon in Italy this past fall, I went to an antique fair in this hill town called Arezzo (the whole town is all up hill!). I found these cute owl earrings and I recently made this video featuring them.  I do love vintage jewelry. ~Isobella

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