Thursday, December 2, 2010

Click, click, featuring photographer Leslie Van Stelten

Photographer Leslie Van Stelten

(styled by Jet Olivia

Hey Girls, I heard of Leslie's work from another photographer friend of mine, he told me how creative she was and that her work was really wild and she was full of creative energy. Of course, I had to see it!  Her work looks as if it is taken out of a movie scene, or was conceptualized after reading a book about a bad ass female heroine. Her subjects often want to be seen.  Sometimes they appear caught in a moment of rage or sadness, or excitement, or it’s a quieter photo of one pondering their life while standing over a cluttered kitchen counter after an afternoon of tangling in the bed sheets.  There is rawness present. Her photography plays with lightness and darkness; there is a mystery and allure to it that is addictive. I become curious about the people in the photos, about their story.  Most of them appear confident, like they are ready for their next move or chapter in life; others are not done creating chaos right where they are, some are confronting the viewer with their stances of integrity, a few are just waiting on time to arrive complacently. It’s obvious that every person in her photography has something to say, and even if you don’t know what it is, you want to know.  As she shares the beauty and intrigue found in the bald, the cooky, the cocky, the edgy, the old and young, it seems that Leslie gets her inspiration from the unconventional.  With this in mind you can see why I think her photography and photo illustration rocks!

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