Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite little thing: tiramisu gelato from Ferrara Bakery

Hey Girls,

My favorite little thing this week is a small cup of tiramisu gelato from Ferrara Bakery in Little Italy, NYC. I had this last night and LOVED it. ~Isobella

Go Orange and I enjoyed seeing the Radio City Rockettes

Hey Girls,

Being from Syracuse,NY I am happy that Syracuse's football team won the Pinstripe Bowl, it was a good game played at Yankee Stadium! Today I enjoyed seeing the Radio City Rockettes! It was my first time and I really loved it.  ~Isobella

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

There is a a thin line between digital use and abuse

Hey Girls,

There is a a thin line between digital use and abuse.

Just heard about this on NY 1 about this campaign based on our digital worlds and digital use and abuse and wanted to share it with you,


some Model news, some beauty buzz and jewelry that caught my eye

Hey Girls,

This article in the NY Daily News caught my eye, the daughter of Eileen and Jerry Ford, the founders of Ford Models, is committed to ending scourge of global slavery:

Models present creations of Taiwanese designer Kang Yen-ling at the New Fashion Pavilion of Taipei Flora Expo in Taipei, Asian model market:

Featuring China's top models:

An eco-friendly nail salon in NYC called Polished Beauty Bar (

Since my husbands name is Todd, LUSH's Hot Toddy bath soap caught my eye:

The Editor at W magazine shares charm cuffs from the 1940's, I like!

Rings wih some Girl Power!

Petite of the Week is Chrimisha


Petite of the Week is Chrimisha, she is a 5'0" aspiring model. This is what she says about modeling, " I've found it very  challenging to be successful in modeling when the odds are already up against your height. I'm from Atlanta, GA, where print, catalogue, editorial,etc. modeling is mainly for people that are 5'7" and up. But I have made a commitment to myself to not give up on something that I really have a passion for."

Passion and ambition should be in the definition of a model, aim high and strive on,

P.s: here are some commercial print agencies in Atlanta to consider sending a comp card to:

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Podcast Segment! Modeling in 2011 and models knowing your assets

This is the last podcast segment of 2010. Modeling in 2011 and models knowing your assets

When:  December 28, 2010
TIME:  11:00 AM EST

The scoop: Petite model, author Isobella Jade sums up 2010 and shares the importance of models knowing their assets. noticing your assets is about noticing what is marketable about you as a model when it comes to how certain traits or characteristics can be used towards marketing a product, representing the vibe of a brand, or a certain magazine editorial. Noticing your assets is about thinking about what you have that a brand, product or magazine might like, and thinking about how your look can translate into modeling for brands and products and magazines. The more you know about yourself and what your asset are the, better for you as a model and your modeling pursuits. Tune into this last segment of 2010 and Isobella shares her Happy New Year wishes.

Are your best assets for modeling being used?

Hey Girls,

Recently a girl told me she was having a hard time noticing her assets as a model.

You can see on the right side there is a list of popular posts and there are tips on photos, submitting to agencies and noticing your assets, however I wanted to tell you that noticing your assets is about noticing what is marketable about you  as a model when it comes to how certain traits or characteristics can be used towards marketing a product, representing the vibe of a brand, or a certain magazine editorial. Noticing your assets is about thinking about what you have that a brand, product or magazine might like, and thinking about how your look can translate into modeling for brands and products and magazines.

When you get booked for a modeling or sent to a casting from an agency your assets are being considered. What you naturally have and if it fits what the client: casting director, art director or editor is looking for. The asset being: what you have that can be marketable and relatable to the brand or magazine which are meeting in hopes of being booked to represent their brand in the campaign, print ad or for an editorial.

An asset is noticing what you have that can be used in modeling in a positive way:
Your smile, skin tone, your energy and personality, your hair, your eyes, etc.

You should know what you have that is marketable as a model. Study ads in magazines, study catalogs, watch commercials, and not just focus on fashion, fashion is misleading for shorter models usually.
An asset is something you consider marketable about you. When you think of product ads, magazine editorials ask yourself: What do I have that would a modeling asset? What makes me great for modeling products, what type of products? What type of magazines could I realistically be in modeling for? What type of commercials and commercial print work get I realistically get?

When you know yourself you can be a better model. You can prepare your photos better and you can market what you have that is marketable better.

It is best to capture these assets within your photos. And also consider the photos that shorter models, aka print models need:

Most of the time commercial print modeling agencies want to see photos that look like ads, photo that look like you can work with products well and naturally, may it be a beauty product, technology -computer, cell phone, home goods, clothing and accessories. For a shorter girl accessories are best to focus on when it comes to retail fashion items. Commercial print modeling agencies want to see a comp card that shows your close ups, smiling shots and shots with you interacting naturally with products, if you have not been in a product ad yet, create photos with goals in mind that the images need to be ad-inspired as if it is a product ad. Ex: put on a pair of shoes, the logo and brand doesn't matter, the goal is not to create a mock-ad of a brands product, but to show you can model products well...create shots that shows you know how to model the shoe naturally, as if you could for a real ad.

The photos you show equal the jobs you get. I can not stress that enough. You want to model beauty, show beauty shots, you want to model jeans, show jeans shots, you want to work as a commercial print model show personality in your photos, smiling. Inspire the jobs you want to get.

A smile shot is important and after looking at your photos I would make sure you work on some smile shots. Smiling shots show personality and a smile shot represents what a lot of what commercial print modeling is all about.  I hope this helps :)

Tune into the podcast segment this week (Dec 28th at 11 AM EST) on Modeling in 2011 and models knowing your assets.


Short and Stylish featuring Mariana

Short and Stylish

My name is Mariana, I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am 5'3." I wanted to share my love for wigs. On the colored picture, I am wearing vintage clothing I bought randomly, no specific brands (no tags); the gray wig is a 'hippie halloween wig' I bought a while back. I wear wigs very often, which is a characteristic that tends to stand out, and I love it. :)

In the B&W picture, I am wearing a male Zara black trench coat, and Forever 21 heels and stockings. That picture was from B&W film.

Thanks for your submission Mariana! :)


What are 5 things you can't live without?

Hey Girls,

What are 5 things you can't live without?

Me:  Coffee (to feed my creativity), my journal (to vent and dream), mascara (for my vanity), the family photo album that my 90 year old grandfather gave me (to never forget my roots), high heels (it's sort of my trademark).

Memories. Keep the memories it is what lasts and stays with you :)  Also my engagement ring, wedding ring, and the sunset.
Feel free to leave a comment with yours here, or write me at


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Favorite little thing: American Apparel Leg warmers and Knit Skirts

Hey Girls,

I am out shopping today some sales, and I will most likely stop into American Apparel to check stuff out.
I love American Apparel and these leg warmers and knit skirts stood out as perfect buys for shorter girls and petite's.

Long Leg Warmer at American Apparel

And I really love this Zig-Zag knit pencil skirt! Especially because they have sizes XS, S

Check it out here and in stores:


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my blog readers!

Hey Girls,

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I hope today is filled with special moments with your family and loved ones.

The best gift you can give is your time. Memories are what matter.

Cheers with a toast of eggnog!
Aim high and strive,

Psst. Next week I will haev my final 2010 podcast segment on my Model Talk Radio with some inspirational insight for the New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Get 10% off comp cards at mention Isobella Jade when ordering

Hey Girls,

Along with my Nina shoes promotion, also my readers of my blog and models and friends can get 10% off at by mentioning Isobella Jade when ordering :)

Aim high and strive
P.s: Tips on making and preparing a comp card and why an aspiring model needs one to market herself to professional agencies.
Video that includes some comp card tips:

I love discovering new things and learning about someone's journey, will to try, and overcoming experiences

Hey Girls,

I love discovering new things and learning about someone's journey, will to try, and overcoming experiences, this video featuring William Kamkwamba who was born in Malawi and who made his own windmill really caught my attention recently. Stories like this inspire me. Also he has a book out as well. The book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, has a crappy cover, but I'm def intrigued!

Watch here, but first turn down my podcast radio show on the right side, or watch on Youtube:

You should never be bored, there is always something to discover, learn from, admire, share, and experience, you just have to be willing to open your eyes and mind to discover, learn, admire, share and experience it, and remember you can be fashionable and still give a shit about the world and humanity.

My literary New Year’s resolutions

Hey Girls,

Galleycat featured a couple of my literary New Year’s resolutions today:

Short Stuff petite-model-turned-writer Isobella Jade: “My literary New Year’s resolutions are to continue to prove self-publishing can be a successful path, and to publish the teen novel that I am working on…”

And usually I carry many goals through out the year, it makes it easier to wake up for your self each day when you have goals. I set goals weekly, monthly and yearly.  Here are some others:
Prepare an inspirational book also I am planning in early 2011 to dive into the mobile publishing space; I'd like to get the wheels moving to turn my memoir Almost 5'4" and stories in Short Stuff  into a film or TV series with the right people behind it.

Writing down my resolutions is best, it makes them haunt me until they happen. However, you can't beat yourself up, if something isn't accomplished when you wanted to it to be, hang in there, you can still do it, do the best you can and keep the creative energy brewing and positive attitude, ~Isobella

Happy Holidays to my readers and Nina shoes that bring some sparkle to the holidays!

Hey Girls,

Happy Holidays! I wanted to remind you that my friends and blog readers that you get 30% off at Nina Shoes now through Feb 2011,at
When you are checking out use my coupon code: StandTall

In this video I talk about the promotion with Nina shoes, enjoy! And Happy Holidays!
Turn down the podcast radio show on the right side, or click this link:


Psst. check out the latest journal entry of The Beautiful Undead:

You don't have to experience a model scam, be a photo smart model

Hey Girls,

I believe in being prepared. In modeling you've got to do the work that happens behind the scenes. To get the agencies, there are professional photographers to research, knowing the photos you need to get that match your goals, printing a comp card (starting to get a portfolio together) and the submission process. All that happens in the process of submitting to agencies and making yourself a model.

Think about the photos you need to skip scams and not waste time.  (Most girls get scammed because they do not know the photos they need to model and so-called agencies end up scamming them for photo packages and then getting the photos and getting a call after the experience turns into a down hill battle.)

Managing your own photography can also save you time, money and prevent scams.

It is not hard to create the basic shots you need to create for print modeling.

Think about the modeling jobs you want to get and target your photos around those shots.

Aim for professionalism and seek our a professional photographer, and be prepared to have a photo plan before you get in front of the camera, know what you are planning to shoot before you arrive to the shoot.

Set goals for the shoot, and for your first images for your compcard.

There are professional agencies, great ones out there, and they will advise you on what you need for photos but don't feel desperate to pay an agency for photos, you don't have to! There are other options. And always ask questions, research, and do your homework, use Google!

When you are in front of the camera don't shoot for your ego, or for the heck of it, shoot for your goals,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm not into modeling schools but Kate Moss's might take off

Hey Girls,

Normally I say HELL NO to modeling schools, especially to the girls who reach out to me who are petite, and not tall enough for fashion modeling typically. Modeling school typically charge you crazy amount of money to boost your ego but not really teach you what you need to model when you are a shorter model (which most girls at these schools are and most girls in general are under 5'4" without heels) and instead these schools teach you things you don't need: how to walk, how to pose like a fashion model, etc.  Things that might be fun to learn, but a shorter girl will typically find more opportunity in commercial print modeling (where it is more about personality and other assets beyond height) and knowing how to walk on a catwalk doesn't really matter so much.

Elle UK recently asked model Kate Moss what she would teach models, when after citing the humiliations visited upon Britain’s Next Top Model contestants as realistic examples of the kind of treatment they could expect in the industry, she said starting a modeling school would be something she could open "I guess you need an eye for art, and also to get into your head that it’s not you – you’re somebody else. You have to be somebody else to be able to move like somebody else and act like somebody else.”  That, and to maintain their determination: “I’m very short and I’m completely lopsided – I’m not like those perfect, gorgeous Brazilians. But if you learn how to work it, then that’s it!”

When she says short, she doesn't mean as short as me, but she is considered short in modeling.

I think her school could be successful if she pursues it.

I agree with models having an eye for art and "acting" if a model has a perceptive artistic eye and understands the vision the art director, the brand, the editor or photographer has for the job, the better the shots will be. Often as a model you are "creatively winging it" and using the concept of the goal of the shot to create the best image you can. Your pose, how you act in front of the camera is based on the concept the photographer gives you or the marketing manager or brand manager or editor. And you are taking their vision and bringing it to life with your own creativity as well.

You have to be able to take direction well as well and understand the type of energy the shot has. Also you have to know your body, know how to move it to make it look great and proportioned.

I think the models' mind and mindset is something that 100% needs to be trained or at least used, as a model "thinking" is a huge part of the job. Even if I am hand modeling or shoe modeling or using my body for the job, I am giving my "part" a personality, if I am wearing a shoe for a campaign shot I am acting like the girl who would wear that shoe and my foot has to show that personality or vibe. Modeling is a lot about understanding also what the camera is doing, the angle of the camera, full body shot, close up, etc., the more you know about the shot being taken the better you can contribute as a model. Also, the mindset of a model is all about staying ambitious and positive, in modeling there is a lot of rejection, and you have to remember that YOU as a person are not being rejected but like playing a sport, you don't always win every game or book every modeling job, but that doesn't mean you are not a good model or should give up.

~Isobella Jade

Model news that caught my eye the consumer wouldn't mind a humanistic model

Was it photoshop or a bigger issue?

I noticed this post at about the Revolve clothing weight debate.  Revolve said the boney model won't be appearing in their ads anymore, "We are working closely with both the model and her agent to get her to a healthier size. She won’t be appearing in any of our new product batches or in any of our fashion editorial photos moving forward until the issue is adequately addressed."  The model (now speculated as Allie Crandell, who you might have seen on MTV's "The City", was booked though, she was just doing her job, she did pose nicely despite leading the consumer concerned for the health of the model, and the company did hire her and her images are still on the site, --I wonder how many of the garments that she wore have been sold. Also I can't help but wonder if the Photoshop thing was at work to cause a media frenzy and get more hits to the site? Now Allie is being punished to not be in any of the new product batches is implying she will not be hired again. When really is she the one to punish?  Let's say the model wasn't Allie and instead a newbie excited for one of her first modeling jobs, she was discovered or what not, and wanted to model, and was conforming to the weight that her agency wanted her to be at and obviously the brand asked for a girl of a certain size (measurement or weight), height, look, and the result makes obvious the ways the public views skinny models and that if they were curvier or more realistic and human looking that it wouldn't harm a brands image. The consumer wouldn't mind a humanistic model. 

If the collar bone of a model is  protruding intensely, it can be a sign of something being not right, ---but some girls are just skinny and have a hard time even gaining weight, even those not in the fashion industry.  I have friends who are not models who actually have a hard time gaining weight, even when they try to eat more, better, work out, etc. Without knowing the model's background it is rude to also judge her and pick on her. 

As consumers we should already be aware that the fashion industry is often about fantasy, not reality, the skinner the better is still obviously the drill, but maybe over time the images we see in high fashion will be more about humanistic.

When it comes to skinny models,  the models (who are usually teenagers) should not be punished, put down, picked on, despite that they are working in that world, and THAT is also an issue. The skinny model is a person, is a girl who is also figuring our herself, going through a lot of changes as a person, as a girl, as a model.

I hope more modeling agencies consider the psychology comfort that a teen model needs (they are teens, young adults, with a lot of pressure around them and competition) and the support shouldn't be something that comes out of their paycheck, --getting some self esteem, comfort, and information about health and healthy living should be simply just a part of the fashion modeling agencies lifestyle.  The client, who asks for a model of a certain type (weight, height), and the agency work together, the model makes the cut or not and the agency makes the money or not based on what the client is asking for and the agency has available. So if fashion models are going to become more humanistic looking in the future, the client and the agency are obviously going to have to experience taking a chance, taking a risk, and believing that a model being a bit bigger is better.  An agency will have to not book girls who are super skinny because they simply do not work with models that are, the client is going to have to suggest to the agency to send over models that are not skin and bones but have some meat on them.

Let's not forget some online retailers do use more humanistic and every day girl realistic looking models, but still recently a friend of mine who is plus-size said she would have bought more clothing at a plus-size online retailers website if the models were not only a size 8 and that it is tough to tell how the clothing will look without seeing it on a figure that is actual to the consumer. I think brands should use all types of models and all sizes of models wearing all the styles of the clothing, yes it is more work for the brand and costly to hire more than one model but the consumer would most likely purchase more items.

Especially in areas of dresses, bra's, and jeans.

Depending on the brand and the view point of  the consumer, a "humanistic" image is also different as well.

In print modeling weight and measurements are not such a big deal, and a model can model past her late teens and early twenties, if a model is concerned about the pressures of the fashion industry she should look towards print modeling with a commercial print agency.


I have thought about a Model Union before or a Model Alliance

Hey Girls,

I recently read an article in The New York Daily News about fellow model Sara Ziff and her pursuit for bringing a model alliance to the modeling industry. The article made me have a few questions.

I would be interested in learning more about it and being a part of it. Working as a print model for many years I would like to share some insight with Sara Ziff on the deciding factors of the structure of how models of all types can be a part of a model alliance. For the models, what would be the qualifications?

As a petite model, I am not a fashion model nor have worked in the fashion industry, as Sara Ziff targets in her films and within her advocating for the modeling industry. However I have worked with national brands and magazines and with professional commercial print agencies for many years. I am also an author and also advocate about the industry from a perspective of a shorter model on my blog and social media. Fashion is a small percent of the actual working models out there. Commercial print models work non-exclusive usually with more than one modeling agency and can make a lucrative amount of money but at the end of the day, like many fashion models, they are their business. Their business is themselves. The models file their own taxes as a sole proprietor or independent contractors, and often commercial print models are without health insurance unless they are married and their spouse has a health insurance plan. Or the commercial print models pay separate health insurance through Cobra or Atlantis Health Plan, etc., or perhaps gets it from a part-time job they work when they are not modeling.

Ziff is correct in saying that some provisions would be appreciated. On the job I have always been fed, but on one occasion I ended up working 4 extra hours and then added to the modeling jobs’ agenda, which I thought was only for print, was also video/ film shots. I did not receive any over time or compensation for this video usage, - although I was treated well on the job, fed, had breaks, and felt comfortable and was mainly happy about experience overall.

A lot of how models are treated comes down to the agent’s relationships with the client as well and professional agents do strive for professional experiences for their models. Models should be aware of what the job is for, the usage rights for the images, etc., and while shooting if there will be a meal, breaks, and the hours they will be working. And they should be asking their agency these questions before the job.

The article on Ziff and her efforts working with Fordham University's Fashion Law Institute intrigued me to ask if her mission includes commercial print models, and models who freelance with more than one modeling agency. Commercial print models are all ages, sizes and types and although they might not work with Ford, IMG, Wilhelmina, Marilyn, etc., they still work on big campaigns and are seen in national magazine editorials, and product ads. And although commercial print models might not be known by their first names, there are more working commercial print models out there than fashion models. So if there is an alliance, it should include all types and sizes and models working in all areas of the modeling industry, from a hand model to a fashion model, from a child model to a seventy year old in a pain killer ad. Perhaps this is on Ziff’s mind as well, but my questions are:

1. Would models of all sizes and types be able to be a part of a model alliance?

2. Would they have to be a fashion model at a fashion agency or would print models and print modeling agencies be involved as well?

3. What would qualify a model to be a part of the model alliance? Would it be similar to joining SAG? Would it cost the models money to join? Would a model need a certain amount of tear sheets, or have gained a curtained amount of money through modeling? What would qualify a model?

A lot of times in working as a model you are alone, you are sometimes working with models from different agencies but you are mainly out there for yourself, and I’ve encountered models before who have been mistreated on the job, so it makes me wonder, maybe a model alliance could also include a hot line you could call anonymously to report a concern or complaint on an experience? Or even share your high regards about a great experience.

I think Ziff’s effort and thought is awesome, I just wonder if it will include more than just the fashion industry. Modeling is a lot more than fashion modeling. The advertising world has helped to change the word “model” to mean all types, ages and all sizes, and the models you see modeling lifestyle products, accessories, cell phones, home goods, beauty products and much, much more, are definitely not just fashion models.

~Isobella Jade

You can read more here and feel free to leave your comments here or email me at if you have something to share about your thoughts on this?
Psst. The NY Daily News has featured my advocating for models of all sizes and my books previously here:

Finding the value in being small

Short Models on putting the work in before the glory

"It can take hours of work before you start to go in the direction you want to go, soon the idea you have of the model you want to be and can be start to mesh, and you go through the process of preparing to be ready to model, usually there are a few mistakes to overcome in the prcoess and learn from, it takes trying again, researching and discovering the right path, and growing overtime from each little moment that brings you the success you wanted to find."
~Isobella Jade on being a self-made shorter model and the hustle

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowboarding today brought to life no pain no gain.

Oh yes, I am sore....actually had an amazing time, I made it all the way down SUGAR SLOPE on Vernon Peak at Mountain Creek 2 times with just one start... without crashing or busting my butt in the snow at all, oh I fell about 10 times+ today overall, but riding from the top to the bottom of this 2,000-feet beginner's trail without falling at all was totally accomplished twice.  It might not be that impressive to a seasoned pro but for someone who has only snowboarded 2 times in her life including today, it was a great feeling, a true high-five moment. It takes a lot of “will” to snowboard, it hurts when you fall, -you are slamming your body against a mountain-you are allowing the mountain to literally kick your butt. Landing incredibly hard on your body feels like someone is kicking the crap out of you!  Sometimes you even scream or swear about it. It takes a lot of energy to believe you can make it down the mountain sometimes, and when you are lying in the snow, looking up at the sky, it takes the right mindset to give it another try while you wonder what part of your body doesn’t hurt.  Lifting yourself back up on your board into a riding stance is like doing a stomach crunch but worse because you have all this snow gear on that makes you feel like a marshmallow trying to do a crunch as you learn your torso towards your legs and feet which are strapped on your board, and eventually stand (“standing” is an accomplishment) and if you fall down at that first moment of standing and balancing on the board, like it often happens, just consider yourself burning off more calories as you try to stand on the board again. Then while standing you stare down the mountain, with faith you will make it to the bottom and you balance your body on the board while it gains speed, and you try to slow the board down slightly moving your body ever so carefully back and force, putting force on your heels and toes, heel, toe, heel, toe, it is especially important when it seems like you are about to crash. If you are new to snowboarding like me, it is such a joy to make it to the landmark you wanted to reach, like: the blue shed, the red pole, the third beam pole, that fast show off snowboarder that keeps whizzing by you who just wiped out -- one time it was such joy to me that I even told a few random fellow snowboarders about my excitement, yelling over to them, “This is my first time making it this far!”  They really looked too tired to care, but to keep the rhythm going it takes a lot of mind and body working together when you give snowboarding a try or another try. It is actually fun but the saying “no pain no gain” really does come to life. I am not saying I am good at it, I am just saying today I left my mark on the mountain. :) ~Isobella

I want to lip model

Hey Girls,

An aspiring model asked me recently about lip modeling, and how to start? 

Lip modeling is an area of "parts modeling" and to pursue modeling as a lip model you'd need to get together professional photos of your lips. The photos should look like ads and editorials,  study some in lifestyle magzaines, like this:

When preparing to craft photos, think about ads for cosmetics, skincare, also I've seen ads for beverages as well involving lips. Discuss your concepts with a professional photographer who understand what "parts modeling" is and is about.   A lot of times the "lip shot" involves just the lip, or half the face or it can involve actually the whole face, so strive to create shots of all types of your lips. Ex: your lips while putting on lipstick, your lips natural without lipstick, smiling and maybe making an expression with your lips/mouth.  Think health, beauty, skincare, food and beverage. And don't stress if you don't have ooohh sooo perfect teeth, these days "gap teeth" are stylish and you shouldn't have to worry over your natural self, so don't stress your teeth or freak out if your teeth are not perfect, just focus on getting your lips to look great in the shots.


Isobella's mailbox, these are the Online sales alerts I get daily

Hi Girls,

Everyone wants a bargain, I do!  Daily I get alerts from these sites for online retail sales.  Not sure you know about these, or get these but I'd sign up!  (sign up for daily updates) (at bottom of website it says For Fashion and Sale News)  by Daily Candy, deals and sales fashion, beauty and more :) daily deals on fashion, home, beauty  fashion and luxury brands sales daily travel deals.  events in your town

Monday, December 20, 2010

Petite of the Week is Krystia


Petite of the Week is 26 years old, Krystia, 5'3" 1/2, born in Puerto Rico and currently living in CA.
She says about being petite and striving as a model, "I hope that the world will open up to petite women because there are so many beautiful women who are not very tall but have so much to reflect to the average woman."

I agree, I love it when advertisers choose to use a real looking model. :)

Aim high and strive,

P.s: Do you want to be a featured petite model? Submit your photos and how you are making strides in modeling despite your height to please put Petite of the Week in the subject and send low res photos please at 72 DPI, thanks.

Stories and buzz that caught my eye on life, love, models and more

This story really touched my heart on being thankful for each day and that our heart is beating. Heart transplant recipient Jessica Melore is thankful to be alive with donor Shannon Eckert's heart

Skinny as a ticket to fame, and kids with eating disorders.

Dying teen's chance at love (get a tissue for this one!)

Victoria's Secret Jessica Hart shares her thoughts on ANTM.

Diane Von Furstenberg and China: A Perfect Fit? China is, after all, the world’s fastest-growing market for fashion and luxury goods.

Former model Annabel Giles with a lot less money and a lot more compassion.
Milk and Beauty, 8 maids a milking, milk products celebrated:
Paoo's 12 days of Christmas Jewelry campaign, that encourages people to share stories of woman that have been an inspiration in their lives.  Through Paoo's various social media platforms, facebook and twitter users can submit their personal stories of women they believe should nominated to receive one of the 12 items that will be given away in conjunction with this Christmas campaign. hand-painted pet portrait business that donates 10 percent of each sale of t-shirts to dog rescue groups, to help the world’s most notorious “underdog” – the pitbull.

The Beautiful Undead journal entry 1 is up, 7 years earlier, February 6th, 2004: This city sucks

7 years earlier.

February 6th, 2004
This city sucks. It really does. I fucking hate this city.  I never have felt more alone.  I bought this journal on Spring Street today, from some leather lady who sold it to me for $20. It seemed like a lot to pay for a journal, but maybe it will be some sort of comfort to write in it. I don’t know if I can make it another month. It’s not just hacking rent and brushing away the cockroaches on my toothbrush, or the mice crawling around at night, it’s that I feel like I failed. I can’t survive here; it’s the fact that I might not be right for this city and this city might not be right for me.
Thankfully have an angelic landlord who thinks I’m cute and hasn’t kicked me out yet.   I feel guilty even buying food when I haven’t paid my rent yet.  I guess I’ll stay here until I get kicked out.
I don’t know, maybe I was crazy to leave Iowa. Maybe I should be on the cattle farm and helping my family and forget this dream of living in New York City.  I am so sick of starving and eating peanut butter and jelly each day. If there were cows in Central Park, I’d go there and slaughter one just to devour some steak, if I could.  Actually, I’d feel stupid slaughtering a cow in Central Park. I don’t miss the farm life. The “heartland” really has taken a beating during the recession and some days I wonder if we’ll lose the farm all together. After being here, I can’t imagine ever working on the farm again. Rounding cattle sounds like a joke, telling the workers lunch is ready, and watching the sweat stain the shirts of my brothers’ backs and little Mary Anne feeding the chickens and playing in the coop.
At NYU when I told people I was from Iowa they pictured tumble weeds and The Wizard of Oz, I corrected them and explained that The Wizard of Oz didn’t take place in Iowa, it took place in Kansas, and how Kansas and Iowa were different places. I tried to keep my Iowa pride, but no one here seems to care about where their food comes from, they just want it fast and warm. Who I am kidding, these girls grew up carrying Coach handbags. Even the ones who eventually became my friends laughed at first at the idea of being from a farm state asking, “What do you do there?”    
Once a farm girl, always one, I guess. I never quite spoke their fashionable language.
We have the Internet in Iowa so I knew what they looked like. I obviously had never owned a Coach handbag. But fashion is now everywhere, even on farms. I did have some of the hottest leather riding boots in a 300 mile radius in Iowa, but try telling that to girls who grew up in a world where strain is unloading the dishwasher. In high school on the weekends I would wear my boots while I broke in a few younger horses, but in this city they have no idea what breaking a horse is all about.  They’d think I was someone who hurt animals. On the farm those logos and patterns are not as important as the weather, the land, and how much the value of cattle or hogs, corn or soybeans has risen or fallen this week, month or season.
When you grow up knowing something about horses, cows, hogs, and soybeans you either stay on the farm and continue feeling satisfied with what you know, or you get out and start over.
I was a little sad thinking about Dad driving back to Iowa by himself and the long drive. It was nice to reminisce about my childhood and our memories of Mom on the drive in. He had never been to New York City and I could tell in his voice that he was proud of me, but also a little nervous to leave me here alone. I kept convincing him I’d be fine as we unloaded my things from the truck and carried them into the dorm.  I didn’t hug him goodbye too tightly, I could already feel the eyes of my dorm mates on me.
Lying, and telling Dad I couldn’t make it for Christmas was best.  Spending the holidays in the city alone wasn’t so bad, I went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and went ice-skating, and worked on New Year’s at Sugarplum’s. I made out pretty well in tips.
I’m not ready to tell Dad that I got kicked out of NYU and lost my scholarship.  He really wanted me to get my Business degree.  I’m scared to see the disappointment on his face, knowing he was expecting me to be the first one in our family to go to college. He would be so pissed to find out about the things I’ve been doing for money lately. At least I found this piece of shit studio apartment in the Lower East Side for just $1,300 a month.
$1,300. It would sound like a lot of money to Iowa folks, but in this city it’s a very good deal. But still, just surviving here is tough.
I really don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. When I think about the person I want to be it becomes blurry.  Why do you have to know anyways? Why can’t you just not know your purpose in life?  Everything moves fast here and there is a lot of pressure in this town to do something great here, and the hustle and bustle of the streets, the sounds of sirens, the honking horns of cabs, make each day go faster. My heart beat goes faster. My brain worries. I feel scared. I need to figure out my shit.
I wish I could tell someone about how lost I feel in this city. It’s crazy how in a city of so many people, I still feel lonely.  No one even says hello to you here.

Read the rest of Viv's first journal entry here here:

Short models and the word Focus

Alot of girls write me about how they can model when they are shorter, I always tell them to think about their assets beyond height, and to study ads and models modeling lifestyle products in them.The more you know about marketing your assets beyond height, the photos you need, and the more thought, energy, time and focus you put into your pursuits, the better, to find opportunitiesand work with agencies.

Modeling isn't just about height but it is about how you approach the word model.  Being a self-made model is about being a good marketer, it is about having a lot of focus.

Focus on the areas of modeling where you can really find opportunities.
Focus on what a print modeling agent would want to see.
Focus on what you can do to be more prepared for your goals.
Focus on the photos you need which will help you better market yourself
Focus on your goals and create goals that are realistic each week and month that influence your modeling pursuits.
Focus on surrounding yourself with professionals, and aim for professionalism.
Focus on investing in yourself (with professional photos and comp cards, print agencies like it when you have a comp card already made and ready to be used).
Focus on getting some experience modeling for a product. (an aspiring accessories designer or local hair salon, etc, in your town.)
Focus on examples in print ads and product campaigns and commercials where the models are using more than height to sell the product in them, where their height wasn't what booked them the job, focus on examples that have nothing to do with the models height.
Focus and believe in yourself.


TM Isobella Jade

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Beautiful Undead Prologue and new journal entries tomorrow

A new blog writing series by Isobella Jade
The Beautiful Undead vampires have taken over the modeling world. And when the most beautiful and successful undead model commits suicide, the dark secrets of the industry are found in her journal, and every week the gruesome and bloody truth of the day-and-the-life of being a Beautiful Undead are exposed.

Each Monday, you can check out The Beautiful Undead here:
Here is the Prologue:

Death at Dawn

I couldn’t sleep, because I knew the next hours would be my last.
Only a couple weeks ago the chill of fall swept through New York City and goose bumps appeared on the skinny arms of the models who had just walked in the shows during Fashion Week.
I couldn’t help but notice the fresh crop of beauties that were making their rounds, scurrying down the streets of New York to this casting or that booking. Their faces and thin bodies were the talk of the town. Half of them had already been featured in Elle, Vogue, W or Nyght magazine.
The newbies, with their coy and clueless innocence, and their eager voices saying, “Sure, you can cut my hair shorter.” It was all so predictable, as they made their transformations into a Beautiful Undead. Their cute noses, perky breasts, similar symmetrical faces, especially those youthful Russians with their baby blue eyes, and constantly in front of me is another round Brazilian apple ass. Suddenly this season just felt different.
Or maybe it’s me. I feel worn. It’s not that I look it; my face hasn’t changed in seven years, but all these seasons, -makeup brushes across the face, teased hair, the cameras always zooming wanting more and more out of me. The fittings and not eating before them, to be sure I fit the sample size clothing.  No one caring about what is going on in my mind, has taken a toll on my mind.
What does it mean? This life, this fantasy of fabric, festive makeup, rushing to be on time to arrive to a shoot to be powdered and fluffed and physically admired.  Then everyone gawking at the image that remains…the proof that I was on this earth today.  Although it won’t appear for weeks in the glossy magazine, and when it does a week later it is old news, an old image, someone’s dog has just shit on it.
I don’t know what I will leave behind, but it might be just these images.
I should have fully died years ago and this borrowed time feels more and more like wasted time. It’s just too hard to be here when I know the truth of it is all a lie.
I don’t even think I’ll be missed.
I’m sure Von won’t miss me. His dark eyes and slick black hair, his sensual lips, his strong arms and shoulders that were seen all over Times Square in that Adidas campaign last month.
It’s hard to forget him and the details of our relationship when his face is always in my face in another magazine spread or billboard campaign. Lately each memory always appears clearer and clearer. How can you force yourself to forget someone that meant so much to you? How do you forget the first person you ever really loved?  You can’t.  
I feel guilty for even hating him, especially because he had saved my life. And then basically gave me my modeling career.  
Von even got the assholes of the fashion world to pay a higher rate for me when they could have paid a lot less at times. The only reason I’ve led most of the Fashion Week shows during the past five years is because of Von. I didn’t have to sleep my way to the top or work my way up. I just had to obey and keep my mouth shut and he’d basically create and craft my dreams. Don’t get me wrong, I was lucky, and it was exciting, it was, but now I wish he wasn’t part of the credit I owed, and I don’t want to be thankful for him anymore.
I want to own my own fate.
I hate myself for thinking like this. So many girls would love to have this life of luxury but to think of my success is to see his face. The strongest moments are coated with love, being adored by him, cared for, and the pedestal he once placed me gently on. But then the years went by and I noticed how each success, photo-shoot, campaign, cover and paycheck had involved the casuality of being a part of someone else’s pain, someone else’s downfall, to keep my dream alive. 
Only I ignored it all. I can’t believe I let the word murder mean nothing when I put it up against my success and immortality. Hell, I’ve been a witness. I’ve lived through their deaths, the so-called overdoses and the scandals, I’ve been there digging the holes. I’ve been there to Windex the blood off the windshield, mopping up the mess, keeping the secrets, ignoring the truth.
I remember when I met Von I thought his need for blood was so gross, but then I even became a blood seeking addict myself. I mean, our blood enriched lipstick can only do so much. It keeps the youthful process steady but it doesn’t always satisfy the craving.
Well, I’m not going to be run by this perfection mafia anymore. And bringing the truth forward would be like ratting myself out. The early crimes were not as bad as the ones in the most recent years, and I’ve been entwined with too many of the wrong people to not get blamed or accused.
It’s not like Von has my back anymore. Even the one who saves you, and helps you get what you want, loves you, and builds your confidence, can tear it down and betray you.
If he would rather now love a newbie Brazilian ass than me, then fine.  I thought my beauty was enough.  I thought I was enough, but obviously I wasn’t.  I learned that being beautiful and wrinkle free doesn’t mean he won’t leave or stray.  I suppose my success had something to do with it. I sort of failed on the upkeep of our relationship. That is if being in a relationship means promising to be an accomplice. I mean how many murders does a model have to witness in one week? How many secrets can a person keep? Yeah I really want to make out after we threw another body in the Hudson River, like really, hunny, I’m so horny now. Soon I saw how the blood we craved became the evil.  I still see the faces of those who are now not with us because of our crusade for youth, beauty, and the latest fashion, and the race of who said it first, shot it first, or wore it first.
Even if I wasn’t going to kill myself, would the next ten years really be worth it anyways? What would I do with myself? It’s not like I have another family. I mean how long can you lie about your age before people start to question it?
When you are alone with what you know, it can be better to just slip away quietly. Let them wonder the reason why.
I think vampires are going to be out of style in a few years anyway.
This morning would be a perfect time to just slip away.
Out of my bedroom window the sky was still dark.  I slid out from under the sheets and put on my maroon robe, and walked to my living room to prepare for my death.  I flung open the long dark red velvet drapes and little dust decorated the air.  The city lights still faintly peered in the room. It was pretty but there wasn’t time to be sentimental, or really care. I positioned my favorite French colonial armchair with the dragon-shaped armrests in front of the window.   I took off my robe and let it fall to the floor.  In a couple of hours the sun would come up, shine in through the window, and directly hit my skin. It would all be over.
As I sat there and waited for dawn, I tried to focus on nothingness. It felt weird not even having Illuminous cream on my face or wearing SPF 5000 sunscreen lotion. In an hour or so SPF and sunscreen lotion wouldn’t matter anymore anyways, and I’d feel the warmth of the sun on my cheek and all of this would be unable to be undead ever again.

Then, just as I felt settled and focused on the quiet and peace in my mind, the phone had to ring at the worst possible time. Can’t someone just fully die without bullshit distractions?  I was planning on ignoring it, but my stupid answering machine didn’t.
“Viv, are you there? I know you’re there. Wake up! Please! I’m so sorry to call you so damn early, but I need a favor!  I have this new girl, fresh from Paris, please teach her the ropes for us! Clarice isn’t around to help her and she needs to learn to walk. This morning the editor at Nyght wants to see her!  I have castings to send her on this morning as well! Please! Her name is Helena. She needs to stop over before her castings today! I am sending her over. She will be there by 8:00 a.m.! Wake up!”

Well, Shit! It’s not like I wanted some random newbie model standing outside my door ringing the buzzer 100 times while I’m decaying. Or worse, to have her find my body and my face probably melted away.  That wouldn’t be nice. It would probably scare the hell out of her. I reached for my robe.
Fine! I thought to myself. One last fucking tribute to this industry!
Helena is on time. She is beautiful.  But of course she is. Helena takes the coffee I prepared. I discreetly gawked at her perfect skin as she sipped her coffee. Even with her barely wearing makeup she had a blooming glow on her pale face. Her pores are so small and the skin under her eyes is so tight; as if she was just born. She basically was.  I don’t ask, but I suppose she has only had a few injections of Vernal Serum. Our youth-juice is powerful stuff, but takes some time to totally absorb into the skin. Her teeth are not as white as they will be and her fangs have not come in yet, but she tells me about the pain in her gums. When they come in, ironically, they will have to be cut down eventually.  After all, we still live in the human world. The modeling industry isn’t into fangs I tell her. They want straight even teeth. A gap is ok, but fangs don’t work with a toothpaste or beauty ad!  To compete and start trends you have to respect the root of the industry. The ones who set the rules. Vampires might be the status of beauty right now but not all of our assets have been welcome in the industry. We’ve had to adjust to thrive.
It is time to practice her runway walk. My hand directs her to follow me, and we passed my large scale oil paintings, my bookshelves, and my mini bar and entered the living room.  Usually the room was always kept dark, but with the velvet drapes pulled back now the morning sun reflected on the objects of my lavish lifestyle.  She is giddy, and nervous as she eyes my magazine covers, all displayed on the walls and statured in frames on the marble credenza. She says, “Oh my gosh, you’ve been in them all! You are so beautiful.” She was pointing to each cover and then gushing in complete admiration. I couldn’t help but smile.  Maybe if I wasn’t going to kill myself today I would have become her role model or something, but it’s too late for that.  Helena notices every object I have and I’m sure she hopes to have it all one day also.   Her eyes, so attentive and eager for my help.  
Only my time is up.
After observing my wall of fame, Helena rushed to the couch, sits on it like she’s modeling the soft cushions and says, “I so want a couch like this one day!” I tell her to be careful because it’s vintage and I bought it at a Christie’s auction (like she knows what that means). Then she asks, “What’s that?” and pointed to my journal on the nearby coffee table.  Helena reached for it, but I grabbed it before her. Then in a quick and casual but cautious way that I hope doesn’t alarm her, I tell her the journal is nothing she wants to know about.
It’s not. No one needs to be scared like that during their early days of recruitment for the Beautiful Undead.
And I placed the journal carefully back on the coffee table.
Again, I wave my hand towards the hallway, implying that she follow me. We reach the hallway, my hallway of mirrors, which had been my practice runway for years. And I do a few struts.
Then her heels clicked across the wood floor and she struts like I just did. I’m reminded of my younger self.  The beginning. How eager I was to learn, perfect the little details, and how much I wanted to succeed, but that was until I knew the truth of this industry of the Beautiful Undead. So I decided to keep my mouth shut and just write about it in my journal.  But the truth has a way of slipping back into your mind. The truth never dies.  It’s still there just lingering inside. I think it stays with the soul in the afterlife.
After Helena perfects her walk, I give her the rundown of how to handle the load castings, share a few basic beauty tips, and how to use her night journal. And after giving her a stash of Scarlet Plasma lipstick and lip glosses. They both come in two different shades of red and tastes: Bittersweet (a brighter red shade that has a raspberry taste) and Crimson (a darker shade that tastes like a bold red wine). They are must-haves. An application of either will help her blood cravings. Anyways, I won’t need any of them anymore. Then I lead Helena towards the door and give her a quick hug. And just like that she’s gone.
When I heard the elevator bell ding, I felt safe again.
A thrill ran up my spine. The sun was waiting for me.
I turned towards the living room and the French colonial armchair and started walking towards my destiny. And I noticed how different the coffee table looked. Something was missing.
Shit! I quickly realized Helena snagged my journal. It was probably when I went to the bedroom to feed Ursula, my owl.  Well, there’s no turning back now because once the little newbie reads what’s inside my journal it will be hard for her to keep her mouth shut. Newbies love to talk.  I’m sure the agency would confront me about everything and then all hell would break loose.  
Modeling, this ever-lasting youth, and the fame had been a dream that turned into a nightmare. But now I would really and fully, completely and finally, be dead. Maybe not at dawn like I had hoped, but soon enough.
Thankfully, I wouldn’t be around when what’s inside my journal is exposed and causes the industry to come crumbling down.
I spread the velvet drapes open a bit wider, let my robe fall to the floor, sat in the armchair and faced the East River. My mind focused on nothingness again and I had just enough time to die and let all of this melt away before the sun would glide over to the West Side.

Read from Viv's journal that was recently discovered each week here:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

W magazine features hand models and shorter models as parts models

Hey Girls,

In the January issue of W magazine there is a feature on hand models by Tony Dokoupil called The Hand That Rocks. I hope you can check it out. You will also notice the hand models featured in the article are not young, as in they are 47, 45 and 40 years old, and showing that working as a model, and using what you naturally have, can get you great work and a nice paycheck ($1000's+ per job), and your age won't hold you back. (There are younger hand models but most hand models are a bit more mature modeling technology products, holding the Nook or iPhone, fashion accessories, shoes, jewelry, panty hose, home goods kitchen appliances, tissues, coffee cup, and beauty products, lipstick, lotions, etc, and pharmaceutical products targeted towards young adults and adults.)

Sometimes I get asked about hand modeling from aspiring models. Keep in mind, using your hands to model is an area of parts modeling ( using your "parts" hands-legs, body, stomach, lips, eyes, etc, to model product ads and campaigns and for magazine editorials) and in parts modeling and print modeling it is possible to work for many years beyond your 40's even. When I attend hand modeling castings and have booked hand modeling work usually the other models are in there 30's 40's actually. I don't consider parts modeling B-level or crappy work, it is GREAT work, and personally it helped me get in the door with agencies as a shorter model in NYC. Considering I am too short for fashion agencies. Using what you naturally have to get ahead is a good idea. Modeling for a brand, a product ad, a commercial, a campaign is the goal right? So why is holding a lipstick or a handbag, wearing a shoe, being in a beauty or health editorial while using your "parts" a modeling job of any lower of quality? Models and being one isn't just about being a tall giraffe, it means many things these days and I am happy W gave some props to hand models. Also, parts modeling is a great area to pursue as a shorter model because our petite and proportioned parts make products look great when we hold (hands) or wear them (shoes). (Btw, for shoe modeling many models are a size 6 shoe, which is something shorter girls tend to be.) I've worked as a full body parts model, head, profile, hands, back, booty, legs to toe for years and by putting my parts to use I've worked with great brands and magazines that I might not have worked with had the job been based on my height alone.

You can find my own stories as a hand model and parts model in my third book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, you can read an excerpt here. And here is how to prepare parts modeling photos depending on the part you want to market.

Notice your assets, use them to get opportunities, love yourself each day,

P.s: starting this coming week, the first journal entry for The Beautiful Undead series!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Short models scouting out their own modeling opportunities

Hey Girls,

As a shorter aspiring model, you've got to be a hustler, a researcher, a go-getter and a girl who ready to roll up her sleeves and scout out your own modeling opportunities.

Three things come to mind on the mindset of being a self-made model and things that are unconventional but can be helpful for an aspiring model.   The first is about being more than just a pretty face and having a dream, but really being a part of making your dreams come true, being hands-on with your goals, and surrounding yourself with people who are also ambitious, professional and passionate about their pursuits.
Creating your own network I think is important as an aspiring model. You should know not only professional photographers, and professional agencies in your area, but know about makeup artists, stores and asipring designers who might loan you clothing or accessories for a shoot, you should know if there is a local magazine in your area, and marketing and advertising wise, you should know if there are production companies, ad agencies, marketing agencies, pr agencies, in your town. It is good to be aware and build your network. We live in this digital age and everyone is all about who is "liking" who, and it is good to Use the computer to research right ( research modeling agencies and what it takes to be a shorter model, brands and aspiring designers, accessories designers, professional photographers in your area that shoot print modeling photos and headshots) but it is best not to be glued to the computer. It is important for an aspiring model to get off the computer and really get infront of the people who might want to work with you. Such as: A boutique, a hair salon, a nail salon, a craft show, a trade show, places in your town that might need a model to model products and services/ for their promotion material. Sure you could start with an email, or mailing the marketing department or person who handles PR your comp card through postal mail, but also I think a personal approach is nice.

What makes you a better model is being aware that modeling is about modeling for something, modeling a product, for a brand, for a service, company, magazine editorial. It is about representing the vibe of that brand, product, etc.  You want to show that you understand how to naturally model products, agencies, designers, art directors, magzaine editors, want to see this, so if you want to target a jewelry store, a hair salon, or the areas of beauty, modeling jeans, shoes, etc. Show that you can in your photos. Show photos of yourself modeling for the type of products and type of modeling jobs you want to gain.  Showing you can leads you to the opportunity. Strive to work with professional photographers, take yourself seriously and your goals, slow down and plan your goals, create the photos you need that will help get what you want. Be prepared to put in the work to gain modeling opportunities, which can lead to more.  And keep in mind a modeling agency may want to work with you but that doesn't mean that agency will craft your career, not for print models. You are crafting the photos to best market your assets, you are printing comp cards, you are striving towards the opportunities that will really lead to your bigger goals.

And remember: Let’s not forget that personality is what sells a shorter model most, and also sometimes “just being what they are looking for” can book you the job, especially within commercial print modeling. Good skin is also an asset for a shorter model and taking care of your skin. Having a proportioned body can help and make you look longer in photos if needed. And a good attitude, people love an up beat and positive model.


Psst. you can get 30% off at with my coupon code: StandTall

And check out my memoir Almsot 5'4" as an ebook for the Nook, Kindle and on the iBookstore.

Model News and beauty tips that caught my eye

Check out this blog of plus size model Leona Palmer.

Being exotic is in demand for modeling, feature on Fox News Latino:

Michelle Phan (an Asian beauty) for Lancôme Holiday Makeup How-To:

Ailar Ershadi’s Iranian roots make it possible for her to model...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favorite little thing: EOS New York timepieces remind us time is a precious thing

Hey Girls,

If you have a small wrist like me sometimes watch shopping can be annoying, however I wanted to share some watches I really dig from EOS New York. (p.s I did some modeling for EOS)

This is the Cosmo, in neon pink, $65.


You can check out the other great quality and well designed timepieces from the EOS collection here:

Remember to use each day wisely, the hours fly by and that time is a precious thing,


Podcast today! Short Models: Using everything but height to model

Hey Girls,

Each week I break it down on my podcast about the ins and outs of modeling and the a-in-the-life of being self made at my podcast, Model Talk Radio, this week I am chatting about using everything but height to model and modeling jobs that have nothing to do with height, it is often a topic on this blog. I will also be answering a couple facebook questions I have received recently on: What happens at a casting and how much do models get paid?  Here is the scoop below.

When: Today, 12/16/2010

Time: 3PM EST

Listen  here: 

The chat:
Model, author Isobella Jade chats about using everything but height to model and modeling jobs that have nothing to do with height that you can do no matter where you live. From fit modeling to showroom to print and commercials. She also answers questions from Facebook on: What happens at a casting and how much do models get paid? Her books include her modeling memoir Almost 5'4" and her graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior." Recently published is her collection of short stories called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model," featuring modeling jobs she done with Macy's Victoria's Secret, Marshalls, Easy Spirit and others. You can find her books on and Amazon and on her website, daily she blogs about modeling, beauty and petite style at and recently Isobella has launched a weekly writing series called The Beautiful Undead vampires meet modeling and Isobella will chat about that as well. You can read TBU at