Monday, November 29, 2010

Yahoo Sports Shane Bacon on being Short becoming a trend in the NFL

Hey Girls,

Watch much football? No? Well, I actually have a reason for you to check out some games and players.

On Yahoo, the headline Is short the new trend in the NFL? caught my eye. The article gives props to football players  in the NFL who are 5'7". Similar to modeling, 5'7" is considered short as well.  With this in mind, I wanted to share the article in hopes it will inspire you to see that being shorter can be a benefit if you know your assets, and use your assets and size to your advantage.

Shane Bacon starts the article with, "If you've paid any attention to the NFL this season, you know a guy named Danny Woodhead is making waves for the New England Patriots. The Pats picked up Woodhead after he was released by the Jets, and they really started including him in the offense when Randy Moss was traded. Experts and announcers rave about him all the time for being things like "tough" and "gritty," but the truth is, Woodhead is successful because he's quick and small.

Yep, small. That's a word you probably never thought would be a compliment in the NFL, but as the season continues to go on, being small might be the new advantage. As players continue to grow muscles in places that regular humans didn't even know was possible, maybe being small is helpful. Think I'm using the 5-foot-7 Woodhead as the only example? Look at some of the other stars this season that might get questioned before riding a roller-coaster."  Read about the others here.

Thank you Shane for writing this article.

As always, aim high and strive, no matter your height,


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