Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To Shorter model: height is a little thing in comparison

Hi Girls, I get asked about how to start modeling a lot, and as you can tell from my blog, I write about that ALOT! :) Here is an excerpt from an interview I did last year where I mentioned the journey as a model and being self-made:

Before I worked as a model, I was a very competitive track runner. So I took that athlete mentality and put it towards the rejection I encountered. I learned that a “no”, or not getting booked for a modeling job, or not getting picked, doesn’t mean you are a bad model, or not good enough. It just means you weren’t what they were looking for today. Just like in running, showing up and trying is the point, and is what matters.

Modeling is more than fashion, everything from contact lenses to detergents need models in their ad campaigns and commercials. As soon as a shorter girl sees that modeling is about modeling “something” (a product), suddenly you can see that models are not all tall or on a runway. Self-promotion is key for a shorter girl. A shorter girl should be using her personality, her smile, and the energy within her photos to sell herself, so that height is a little thing in comparison to how well the girl can model that product.
 ~Isobella Jade

Taken from my interview with Chick Speak here:

Aim high and strive!

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