Saturday, November 27, 2010

Submit Short and Stylish Petite's, and also Petite of the Week featuring aspiring models

Hey Girls,
Here I am in Battery Park wearing....
Franco Sarto Boots from DSW
Scarf around neck from Florence street vendor
Scarf on Bag, Oscar de la Renta
Bag, Dooney and Bourke, vintage
Leggings, Mango
Tank, Mango
Sweater, H&M men's
Hat, NY Hat and Co, about ten years old!

I like to shop high and low and mix it up. I shop mostly at vintage stores and H&M, Forever 21, Mango, Macy's, Bloomingdales, boutique stores, Outlet malls. Checking out TopShop more often and I dig ASOS petite's.  I like tights that have character, fishnets with some unique design with a classic black dress and wicked high heels. I shop for things to last, and I'd rather have something vintage, than something brand new when it comes to bags, and accessories.

On this blog I often feature Short and Stylish Petite's, and also Petite of the Week featuring aspiring models, coming up this week there are more features!

To submit for Petite of the Week here is the scoop on how to submit for consideration for a feature: Email me at your headshot photo or comp card, include how you are making strides in modeling despite your height or plan to, put in the subject: Petite of the Week
Here are some previous Petite of the Week's:

To submit to Short and Stylish feature, which is also an on-going-feature, to submit by email your stylish photo to me at, and share your name, height, where you're from, what you are wearing in the photo and where you shop and any comments you want to share about shopping as a petite. Here are some previous Short and Stylish Features:

Aim high and strive,

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