Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Short and Stylish featuring Lea

Short & Stylish

Name: Lea Faye

Height: 5”3

City: Philadelphia, PA

What's she is wearing;
F21 high waist jean skirt

American eagle off-the-shoulder sweater shirt
Charlotte Russe Accessories
Aldo's Black pumps

Lea's thought on being petite and stylish: The majority of women in the world ARE petite. Petite women are loved all over the world. I don’t believe that height has Anything to do with how tall you are. A womans style is a woman's style, its determined by the person she is that's all there is to it! And how about the popular fashion website Lookbook where ordinary people like us are featured on it wearing the hottest trends they’re not all giraffe’s and they are certainly stylish!

hehe, I like how you plugged the word giraffe :) strive on! ~Isobella


Anonymous said...
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Lea said...

Thanks tanisa!