Thursday, November 4, 2010

Petite of the Week is Stephanie


(Photographer & hair stylist Laurentius Purnama)

Stephanie Nogueras is a 20-year-old American model of Puerto Rican descent. She is currently a college student majoring in psychology and is on her way to earning her Bachelor's of Science degree. Stephanie is following her dreams and strives to achieve the goals that she sets for herself. She is a petite model who doesn't let anything hold her back, even being deaf.

She does not want to lose her dreams over deafness and she says, " I have always dreamed of erasing height discrimination and creating fashion industry opportunities for petite women. It will be amazing for us all when the fashion world takes notice!"

Right now, she is seeking agent and looking forward to bookings photoshoots. Follow her on Twitter at,

Psst: if you would like to a Petite of the Week submit your photos and how you are making strides in modeling despite your height to

Currently right now I am holding a Stand Tall Contest and here is the scoop on that:


Anonymous said...

beautiful! :)

grisselle said...

So so proud of my baby...the world is in your hands...go after all your dreams....xoxoxo love mom

Anonymous said...

yo quiero decir por este medio que yo soy una abuela muy orgullosa de tener una nieta como mi sthephanie sigue para adelante que tu eres una estrella de luz con mucha suerte te quiero mucho

Stephanie said...

aw thankss :)