Friday, November 19, 2010

New Podcast! Modeling and being a model: it is about what you make it.

Here is the scoop on the episode this week of Model Talk Radio called:
Modeling and being a model: it is about what you make it

Upcoming Show: 11/19/2010
Time:  2:00 PM  EST

Listen here to this segment and archived segments (also they are on iTunes):

Author, Model Isobella Jade shares how "Modeling and being a model: it is about what you make it." This segment is about striving as a shorter model and the importance of knowing the opportunities out there, and striving for them. If you don't know what is out there for you, you may miss your chance. Many girls don't know about the opportunities out there, and therefore do not move forward with their pursuits. Enjoy this segment about: more you know, the better for self-marketing yourself as a model.

Check out Isobella's modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" (also it is an eBook!) and her graphic novel is called "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior," and her latest book is called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model." You can find her books on and Amazon and wherever books are sold. Also, on her blog Isobella will be sharing Short&Stylish, featuring shorter girls who have great style. You can submit by emailing her your photo, where you live, your height and how you stay stylish despite your height and lack of mass retail for petite sizes to

Also she features Petite of the Week often as well. If you have a question about modeling reach out to Isobella through her Facebook page or through her website: and daily you can find free modeling tips for girls of all sizes on her blog: http:/
Tune in to this week's segment here:
Check out an excerpt of Short Stuff here:

Aim high and strive

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