Monday, November 29, 2010

Modeling has no age requirement, older models are ok but know how to market yourself!

Modeling has no age requirement, ok, so you might not be on a runway but modeling is not just about the runway either.  This week on Model Talk Radio, I will be chatting about how modeling these days is about noticing your assets and understanding the marketing side of working as a model. When you look at fashion magazines you might only see younger models, but modeling as a whole isn't just for girls or young adults, it is for all ages, but the word model in your mind should mean more than fashion (typically fashion models are 16-23-ish, however these days you do see older fashion models and the supermodels of the 90's are making a comeback actually) but for print modeling you are not limited by age so keep in mind print modeling. The model spectrum is very diverse, but it helps to understand where you fit in the industry so that you can better spend your time focusing on the right direction of where to market yourself as a model.

A 28 year old model recently asked me if she was too old to model. Well, this week on there will be a lot of posts on models and age, and how there isn't an age requirement to model if you know how to market yourself and you have a realistic mindset. The do's and don't, the how's and why's. Coming up!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the majority of fashion models are typically up to the age of 30 or 35 these days, rather than being up to the mid-20s.