Friday, November 5, 2010

It's not you it's your modeling photos

It's not YOU it's your modeling PHOTOS
A girl on Facebook recently wrote me: "Your blogs have really helped get a better understand of how to pursue a career as a petite model. I am very serious about becoming a successful model and I have just relocated to NYC to pursue it full time. I have not had much luck with agencies and I think it is due to my pictures. I am thinking of doing parts modeling as well but of course I need the right pictures. What type of photos do you advise that I shoot and what are reputable agencies that I can send them to? If you can help me out, I would appreciate it more than ever. Thank you so much!"

My reply might help your own modeling pursuits:
Hi hun, am glad my blogs have helped, and you are totally correct, I am not sure of your height, but when you are a shorter model, the focus is commercial print modeling agencies and talent agencies, and while these agencies do work with models of all types, these agencies don't invest in your photos or comp cards typically and it is up to you to create, (sometimes like an art director) your own modeling photos that represent what you CAN do. So it is good you are thinking of the photography you are using to market yourself and if your photos are not marketable, as in "professional" and relate to print modeling then you won't get opportunities. Your photos represent the type of work you can do, they speak for themselves, and if you don't show it in your photos then the agency typically won't think you can do a certain type of modeling. So I would first think about the type of modeling jobs you can realistically get, what do you want to model for, and what can you model for? I am talking about products? Handbags, cell phones, shoes, jewelry, beauty editorials in certain magazines? I am not talking about the "wish list" modeling jobs but the "real, I can do this modeling job list."....think about the jobs you want to get and can get, and focus on creating photos that represent what you CAN get work modeling for. Here are some examples for print modeling, which is all about personality, and also some examples of parts modeling photos. But put it this way, if you want to model beauty, show beauty shots, if you want to model jeans, show shots of you in jeans, if you want to model handbags, show it in your photos. Make your photos look like ads and editorials, and strive, but take your time and carefully work on your photography, don't rush, it is a process and it is best to take your time if you need to and be professional. The more professional you are the better. The more marketable your photos, the better.

Commercial print photos, personality and products:

Beauty shots, every model needs this shot:

Agencies in NYC for print modeling. Also I would go to Barnes and Noble and pick up a booklet called The CallSheet, it is a booklet in the magazine section that has a list of agencies for print modeling and talent agencies to mail your comp card to, the booklet is about $10.

Remember in print modeling you typically work non-exclusive with agencies:

Tips for Parts modeling photos:

Tips for making a comp card also are on my blog, search on the upper left corner search box, comp cards, and printing places in NYC for comp cards are on my blog on the right side, scroll down, you will see a list.

I hope this helps! :) 

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