Friday, November 19, 2010

In Your Face: The new science of human attraction by David Perrett

Hi Girls,

I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty is within a person's energy, their inner glow, their kindness,their positivity, it's not just seen in their flesh and face shape.

Right now I am checking out this book called In Your Face: The new science of human attraction.

It is interesting because it mentions evolution, and how the face has evolved and changed over time. And how the face has taken its shape, and what the details of the face say about our personalities. It is a book about the creation of what beauty is, and it brings together a scientific point of view on what makes someone's face attractive.

I do think of this stuff actually. I was riding the subway recently and I thought to myself, what makes that girl pretty or not, what is it? Is it just my opinion or is it something else? Is it the spaces between her eyes, nose and mouth, the proportions of her face that make her more attractive or what? I started thinking about how some people's faces were more complicated than others, some just had more simple features and faces, others had profiles that were more dimensional, had more going on. Does that make sense? Did that make them less pretty or more attractive?  I was in kind of deep thought about it. I think a person's personality, or unique'ness stands out more than what might be considered beautiful.

I personally think my face is kind of complex, or something I’d call: a unique beauty.

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