Friday, November 26, 2010

In December Vogue: new crop of new models from China, Japan and Korea -comments

On the train to Upstate NY to visit my family over Thanksgiving, I enjoyed reading an article in the December issue of Vogue about the new crop of new models from China, Japan and Korea. Beautiful editorial shot by Steven Meisel pg 298.

Wouldn't it be great if each month the fashion and women's lifestyle magazines made it a part of their magazines to always show models of ALL ethnicities, not just as a trend but as a forever normal thing! If they had to cover at least asian, hispanic, black and white each month? As a must-do! It would be cool. I think it would be awesome to feature girls of all ethnic backgrounds from around the world, since we live in a world of connectivity now, I think it is important, and it should already be the case.
I enjoy looking at all types of faces, all faces are beautiful and have a story behind them. All ethnicities are beautiful. I think asian woman are beautiful. And I was happy to see the editorial in Vogue and I am looking forward to seeing Asian models pave a strong path in the US for all types of brands, magazines and product ads. I am hoping the brands will step up and hire an asian, and other ethnicities as well.

I also am thinking about the girls who message me who are all of different ethnic backgrounds. Fashion isn't everything in modeling, and for shorter girls, and girls of all sizes and ethnicities they should look towards print modeling and make sure they understand what print modeling is, what print modeling involves, the photos needed and the type of agencies to pursue. 

No matter your height or ethnic background, your height isn't what holds you back, and your ethnicity isn't either, it might be that you need to focus on how to take what you naturally have and use it as a marketable trait. Sure it might be tough, but there is opportunity out there, and being self-made, and knowing we now live in a do-it-yourself-world you do have to be realistic, be ambitious, and work for it, and market yourself in the right ways, to the right agencies, with the right photos and marketing tools, compcard. Many girls approach me and share with me what they consider a flaw about themselves. But working in a business based on appearance and your character, and "how you look" and "if you are what they are looking for," involves noticing your assets, it involves even sometimes turning what you consider to be a flaw into an asset. Something you might dwell on as a negative feature, could be considered a marketable, unique, stand-out, interesting, memorable and great trait. If you celebrate and love who you are, it will be easy to stay positive when it comes to marketing yourself. Remember that although modeling can at first appear to be a business of perfection it is a business about marketing products of all types, and if your perception is only about perfect height, weight, age, etc, then you miss out on what you could be spending time pursuing. Noticing yourself can get you ahead. Also modeling is not just about "measuring up" or "being a certain age." There is not an age limit to pursue modeling, models are all ages, and you might be shorter than fashion height but fashion isn't everything. Notice where you CAN find opportunity, spend time focusing on those areas and you can find opportunities modeling with agencies and modeling for products, ads and magazines. Do the work you need to do to prepare for your success ahead of time. Print modeling agencies are the agencies that ad agencies call for hiring their models for ad campaigns for all types of lifestyle products. And there are many more non-fashion products out there, than fashion items. Study ads, study commercials. And most of the time in print modeling a white, hispanic, black and asian model is needed, to cover all markets and demographics, so consider that your ethnicity or what you think is a disadvantage, could be used towards your advantage. :)  And before you get in front of a camera learn what print modeling is and learn to love yourself, the more comfortable you are being you in front of the camera the more realistic and beautiful they will be. Which is what you want for print modeling.

Also, I like this United Colors of Benetton ad campaign, the brand always uses many ethnicities and types of models as well.
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