Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If you don't seek opportunities, you may miss it.

Hi Girls,

A photographer friend of mine recently went to an event where there were petite models working (some were promotional models and some were body painted he said), he mentioned how none of them knew about the opportunities out there for models their size, when he asked them about their pursuits.

It made me think about two things. 

One, the wrong perception of what you think is out there can limit you and that the misconceptions out there lead shorter girls to think they don't have opportunities, --but it is about creating them, and being prepared for them with the right photos, being a marketer, and seeking the answers.

Also that you have to have the will to research and seek and create the right marketing tools you need to best market your assets towards the direction of where you can find opportunities to model for products, brands and magazines.  Modeling "for" something, getting hired and booked, working with agencies, all involves a certain mindset. Here are the steps of the mindset you should have:

Think about your modeling goals. What is realistic and what do you want to do.
Shorter girls can work as print models. Research print modeling and learn about what it is.
Get your photos/--the right photos--get your comp card together and make sure it targets print modeling and your goals realistically.
Seek out print modeling agencies and talent agencies by mailing them your comp card in the postal mail. Print agencies do not have open calls often and they do not typically sign their models exclusive. Hence why you need a comp card and your marketing material.
Also seek out aspiring brands and photographers who are ambitious and professional. Aim high and get more.

Take your self seriously, I don't get that statement about how taking yourself seriously is a bad thing, it isn't. It is the best thing when pursuing something that is a challenge, like modeling.

If you don't seek opportunities, you may miss it. If you don't know you miss out.

Above is an article from the New York Daily News, where I mentioned how girls of all sizes can work in the industry if they know their assets, and market them well. :)


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