Monday, November 8, 2010

For shorter models and petite models modeling is what you make of it

The mom of a 15 year old girl wrote me discouraged about some of the experiences she had been having with agents telling her and her daughter she is too short for the modeling industry, she wanted advice on how to work with agencies and how she can get print jobs.

I wrote her back an email with links to previous blog posts based on the steps to get ahead as a shorter model involving photography and comp cards, and the relationship with print agencies, and being realistic when setting goals.

And I also included this:

"The only way I’ve been able to get any modeling work at all with magazines, brands and work with agencies is because of the hands-on work I did before I approached the agencies. Such as craft my own photography, make my own comp cards, approach aspiring brands to get some modeling work on my own that would impress a print agency. (even print agencies have height requirements sometimes). But showing I was professional, bringing forward my assets in my photos, thinking like a marketer and asking myself, “What do I have that an agency would like?” Beyond my height, why would a magazine want to work with me?” Personality, great skin, energy, and the ability to naturally model products helped me get in the door with agencies. I want to share some posts from my blog that I think will help and inspire you and your daughter for the next steps of becoming a self-made model.

Self-made is the word today. It is about discovering yourself. Screw the agencies that told your daughter she is too short, maybe she is for that type of modeling but there is A LOT more to pursue.

A big thing is understanding the relationship to the agency. A shorter print model it is not common to be signed exclusive with an agency, and more shorter girls end up working non-exclusive as print models. Most print models in general are working non-exclusive with the agencies because the agencies to not dedicate the time to craft the careers of the models, and therefore you have a less hands-on relationship with them. You can still book a lot of work but it isn’t like the agency is making your compcard and building your portfolio for you.

Sure a fashion client, brand , or magazine editor might have in their minds a girl that is 5’9”, which is why fashion agencies tend to only work with tall girls, but for print modeling height isn’t everything and there are many products out there that needs models where there is not a defined height requirement, however to work in fashion might be an unrealistic pursuit. I would look in magazines of all types with your daughter and notice ads that have the models modeling but it is an ad where she wasn’t hired just for her height but because of other assets. Skin, hands, smile, energy, hair,etc. These agencies you met with were working in a very narrow side of the industry and this should not discourage you."
I also included, "Research, a marketing mindset, dedication, confidence, knowing your assets, self-growth, these might not be obvious words that describe a path of a model, but for a shorter girl, it's what it is about." Modeling is what you make of it. If you are shorter than your road will be different than a fashion model but that d.oesn't mean you can't find opportunity but what you gain is greatly based on what you put into it.." The time.  ~Isobella

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