Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coming up! Modeling and age - Podcast segment on Model Talk Radio

Modeling has no age requirement

This week's segment is based on the question of age and models.

When: 12/1/2010

Time: 11:00 AM  EST (live show)

Listen here:

Inspired by a Facebook friend's question about modeling and age this segment is based on how modeling has no age requirement and how actually being a bit older can be a benefit in modeling, especially with so many brands and brands and magazines targeted at women 28-40.

The segment scoop:
Model, author Isobella Jade chats about modeling and age. Modeling has no age requirement, ok, so you might not be on a runway but modeling is not just about the runway either. This week on Model Talk Radio, I will be chatting about how modeling these days is about noticing your assets and understanding the  marketing side of working as a model. NO matter your age. When you look at fashion magazines you might only see younger models, but modeling as a whole isn't just for girls or young adults, it is for all ages. This segment is based on a recent post on Isobella's blog:

Tune into this segment of Model Talk Radio here on 12/1/2010, 11 AM EST, for the live show or catch the archive anytime, also on iTunes to download and listen while you are on go!


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