Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aspiring models and finding a professional photographer

Hey Girls,

A girl on Facebook recently told me about her terrible experiences working with so-called photographers. Well, it upset me. The topic always does. The topic of how anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a "photographer", even though they might not know anything about the craft of photography or the type of photos an aspiring model needs, or what print modeling means.  Don't look for photographer's on the Internet, don't look for them on these so called model-site, skip that! Please. The Internet-age only screams for scams. And aspiring models need to watch out! As a shorter girl, often you have to fend for yourself, which can lead to scams and mistakes if you are not careful.  You must: Have photography goals, and make sure your photographer understands your photography goals, does the photographer understand what type of photos a print modeling agency wants to see? You have to invest in yourself, this involves the right mindset, time and money.  If you can't afford to invest the mindset, time and money, then maybe you shouldn't pursue modeling.

Here are tips for finding a professional photographer, please read this posts:

I will be soon featuring photographers who shoot models of all sizes. Here is some tips on finding a photographer:

Wanting more for yourself, aiming high, aiming for professionalism is best, I have said it before and I'll say it again, it is better to slow down, not rush, plan and prepare your model photography. Also this is an excerpt from my new book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, where I mention in the back modeling tips for the short girl:

Three Tips for Finding a Photographer
“Value yourself.”

~Isobella Jade

The photography for your modeling pursuits is not something to rush. Finding a professional photographer is worth the research and self investment. If you are having trouble finding a photographer consider these tips:

Look in the phonebook

I am serious. It might seem convenient to go to the Internet to search for photographers; however, this doesn’t typically lead to a professional result. Remember, most professionals are not on the Internet looking for models to shoot and many social media model sites typically do not feature established professional photographers. Focus on researching professional photographers who have a photography business using a phonebook. Get their names and then use the Internet as a research tool to find more information about them and their photography services. Also strive to find a photographer who works with local magazines, companies, and has a portfolio of work that proves he has been hired by publications – look for tear sheets. You want to strive to work with photographers who are as ambitious as you are, and who also aims for professionalism.

Try a photo school.

So you might not have a budget or funds to work with a very established photographer. Many aspiring photo students are learning about the craft of photography and perhaps you can get some decent photos from working with them.
Mianly, does the photographer know what print modeling is? And the type of photos that are acceptable for print modeling? If not, don’t work with them. You don’t want to just shoot to shoot; you want to shoot to get opportunities. The photographer you work with should know about the opportunities for models of all sizes, so that you will be photographed properly.

Invest in yourself

Expecting to get photos for free can actually mean getting nothing of value for your pursuits. Sometimes professional photographers do test shoots with aspiring models; however, always discuss the shoot ahead of time to be sure you are getting photographs that can benefit your pursuits and it is not a waste of time.


And here are tips for posing and looking proportioned in your photos:

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