Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mature models: RedBook examples of mature models in ads and editorials

Hey Girls,

If you are thinking that being a model is limited by age, think again! Print models model lifestyle products and these type of models are all ages. As you can see here from these ads and editorials in the December issue of Redbook Magazine, mature models are working it in the ads for many products!  Click the ads and editorials to view larger, and get inspired when it comes to creating your own photos as well! ~Isobella

And also I saw this ad in Women's Health

Coming up! Modeling and age - Podcast segment on Model Talk Radio

Modeling has no age requirement

This week's segment is based on the question of age and models.

When: 12/1/2010

Time: 11:00 AM  EST (live show)

Listen here:

Inspired by a Facebook friend's question about modeling and age this segment is based on how modeling has no age requirement and how actually being a bit older can be a benefit in modeling, especially with so many brands and brands and magazines targeted at women 28-40.

The segment scoop:
Model, author Isobella Jade chats about modeling and age. Modeling has no age requirement, ok, so you might not be on a runway but modeling is not just about the runway either. This week on Model Talk Radio, I will be chatting about how modeling these days is about noticing your assets and understanding the  marketing side of working as a model. NO matter your age. When you look at fashion magazines you might only see younger models, but modeling as a whole isn't just for girls or young adults, it is for all ages. This segment is based on a recent post on Isobella's blog:

Tune into this segment of Model Talk Radio here on 12/1/2010, 11 AM EST, for the live show or catch the archive anytime, also on iTunes to download and listen while you are on go!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Female photographers rock: Melodie McDaniel shoots Milas Kunis in Nylon

Hey Girls,

When you look at a magazine do you ever notice who shot the editorial? You should? Lately I have been noticing more and more the female photographers.  They deserve some props!  I have worked over the years with many male photographers for magazines and campaign work, but only a few female photographers.  I hope to work with more female photographers in the near future.

I dig the photography by Melodie McDaniel in NYLON Magazine's December/January Issue with cover girl, Milas Kunis (fellow petite).

(Jacket by Elizabeth and James, top by AX Armani Exchange, shorts by Ksubi)

I love black and white photography the best, and I love the styling and how the personality in the clothing still pops even without seeing the color of the clothing. Mila looks so confident and hot! Nylon often uses female photographers. Go check out the issue. Rock on!


Yahoo Sports Shane Bacon on being Short becoming a trend in the NFL

Hey Girls,

Watch much football? No? Well, I actually have a reason for you to check out some games and players.

On Yahoo, the headline Is short the new trend in the NFL? caught my eye. The article gives props to football players  in the NFL who are 5'7". Similar to modeling, 5'7" is considered short as well.  With this in mind, I wanted to share the article in hopes it will inspire you to see that being shorter can be a benefit if you know your assets, and use your assets and size to your advantage.

Shane Bacon starts the article with, "If you've paid any attention to the NFL this season, you know a guy named Danny Woodhead is making waves for the New England Patriots. The Pats picked up Woodhead after he was released by the Jets, and they really started including him in the offense when Randy Moss was traded. Experts and announcers rave about him all the time for being things like "tough" and "gritty," but the truth is, Woodhead is successful because he's quick and small.

Yep, small. That's a word you probably never thought would be a compliment in the NFL, but as the season continues to go on, being small might be the new advantage. As players continue to grow muscles in places that regular humans didn't even know was possible, maybe being small is helpful. Think I'm using the 5-foot-7 Woodhead as the only example? Look at some of the other stars this season that might get questioned before riding a roller-coaster."  Read about the others here.

Thank you Shane for writing this article.

As always, aim high and strive, no matter your height,


Signed copies of Almost 5'4" for $10 plus shipping USA readers

Hey Girls, Guess what, I want to let you know that for a limited time my USA readers can get a signed copy of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" for $10 plus shipping. I am not kidding! I will personally sign a copy of my memoir for you at this special price! 

Here is the scoop on my website as well:

Or you can actually checkout right here and on the right side of my blog there are details as well:

I'd like a signed copy of Almost 5'4"
Who (name) is the book for?
Your Address please

You can also read an excerpt of Almost 5'4" and my book here.

Aim high and strive,

Excerpt of day in the life at model castings in Short Stuff

I slipped on the fitness sandal and positioned my legs to show it off, while pointing my toes a little. The photographer and art director bent their bodies down towards my shins. They analyzed my legs and looked at the way the sandal fit my foot.

I turned slowly so they could see every angle of my legs and lifted up my skirt a little. Making my legs appear longer with one leg bent in front of the other.

I thought to myself, “I hope they think my legs looked long enough,” as I jump off the table.

You can read an excerpt of Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, on Amazon here or check it out on my website http://www.isobelladreams.com/ as well.

Modeling has no age requirement, older models are ok but know how to market yourself!

Modeling has no age requirement, ok, so you might not be on a runway but modeling is not just about the runway either.  This week on Model Talk Radio, I will be chatting about how modeling these days is about noticing your assets and understanding the marketing side of working as a model. When you look at fashion magazines you might only see younger models, but modeling as a whole isn't just for girls or young adults, it is for all ages, but the word model in your mind should mean more than fashion (typically fashion models are 16-23-ish, however these days you do see older fashion models and the supermodels of the 90's are making a comeback actually) but for print modeling you are not limited by age so keep in mind print modeling. The model spectrum is very diverse, but it helps to understand where you fit in the industry so that you can better spend your time focusing on the right direction of where to market yourself as a model.

A 28 year old model recently asked me if she was too old to model. Well, this week on www.petitemodelingtips.com there will be a lot of posts on models and age, and how there isn't an age requirement to model if you know how to market yourself and you have a realistic mindset. The do's and don't, the how's and why's. Coming up!

MamaModel.com brings together the most remarkable model mothers

Hey Girls,

Check out what Heather, a fellow petite model (5'6"), has done with her passion for modeling and fashion! She is not only a beautiful mother with two beautiful baby boys, a lifestyle coach and personal trainer, but she has also launched a network as a one stop shop for photo, video and marketing needs for companies with products meant for mothers & babies called:

Photo: Shea Anne
MamaModel.com is a network that bring together the most remarkable mothers to model for motherhood companies and beyond, and it an interconnected community of talent. From modeling maternity fashion, to nursing products, postnatal products, to product reviews and spokes-modeling and more. If you are a motherhood company and have products mothers & babies would like to use and enjoy, MamaModel.com has great models available and inclusive marketing packages specializing in providing extraordinary mama and baby talent from a team of photographers, models, videographers, etc, and more info is here: http://mamamodel.com/category/mamamodels4hire/

I've met Heather through Facebook and I suggest friend'ing her and checking out her page here. She also has a lot of great tips and advice for healthy families and mother's and babies. You can also check out her videos here.

When I asked Heather about the type of models she is working with at MamaModel.com she said that, MamaModel.com is a network that helps connect-the-dots for models, photographers, casting directors, and companies. At the moment she is only looking for a core group of LA/OC/SD county mama models with a strong portfolio/modeling background. You must be multi-talented (also specialize in photography, website design, personal trainer, spokesmodeling, etc.). The mamas must be energetic and easy to work with, charismatic, and intelligent. Health enthusiasts are a plus! No height requirements and no age requirements, but must meet the above guidelines. Please state ages of children/expected due date. Submissions will be accepted through the MamaModel.com website only, and send photos that are commercial print friendly and show your personality.

To learn more about Heather and her MamaModel.com network stop by the Facebook page here, or the website here: http://www.mamamodel.com/


Psst:  For models: Also keep in mind that if you've been modeling for awhile and building a good portfolio of work and you want to start a family but also continue modeling. You can. Especially if you have experience. These days there are many, many more products available for mama's-to-be and mama's to use after their pregnancy. Models are needed to model these type of products. Research in your town agencies that work with moms, children and families. Many campaigns for lifestyle products sometimes use actual real families, and real mothers and their babies/children. There are many talent agencies and modeling agencies out there nation wide that work with families, mother's and babies, since like Heather says few things are more memorable than a gorgeous mother and baby.

Petite of the Week is Sarita


Sarita, 5'1",  from Queens, NY, is an aspiring model and has been a reader of my blogs for awhile now,  she says she is striving to do commercial print work, working in magazines like Essence, Ebony, Marie Claire, etc.  Along with Part modeling, Editorial, and Catalogue work.

I like her spirit and positivity and the energy she shows in her photos. Which are great examples of commercial print styled photos. Keep on striving Sarita!

Aim high,

Psst: if you would like to a Petite of the Week submit your photos and how you are making strides in modeling despite your height to petitepride@yahoo.com please put Petite of the Week in the subject, send a photo or your compcard. Thanks!  Also I feature Short and Stylish girls as well, and if you would like to be considered for that and show off your petite style here is info on that submission:

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Before you think about ever giving up

"Before you think about ever giving up, ask yourself if you really tried, if you have then ask yourself if you have any energy left, and if there is anything else you can put into it, then tell yourself that most people who are successful had thought about giving up, had to really work their butt off but if you want to ...do something, you keep fighting on, working for it, sure, it's tough but so are you."~Isobella Jade

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Favorite little thing, flat blueberry muffin a tasty mistake

Favorite little thing feature: mini blueberry muffins. Mine came out a little flat....they were a mini muffin package and I put them in a normal size muffin pan and they came out like mini blueberry muffin saucers. It's not how it looks it's about how yummy it is :) it's still yummy, butter pecan icecream on the side.

Not a cookie it's the flattest mini blueberry muffin in the world, guinness book of world records, lol and a baker in the making :)  ~Isobella

Gingerbread man I love how you smell. Be warm, toasty and smell good!

Hey Girls,

How about a Gingerbread bubble bath! mmmm.  This time of year my favorite smell is gingerbread!

This stands out for,  Lush's Gingerbread bubble bath!

LUSH also has a Gingerbread tin house, which has a variety of goodies inside for the body and skin!

And LUSH's Snow Fairy Gel is a cute stocking stuffer or gifts for your girlfriends, get the 3.3 oz, tie a cute bow around it and you have a gift for under $10.

And Philosophy's Gingerbread man bubble bath and shower gel and the Gingerbread man body scrubs all are great picks. Also the Gingerbread Girl is really cute.

Submit Short and Stylish Petite's, and also Petite of the Week featuring aspiring models

Hey Girls,
Here I am in Battery Park wearing....
Franco Sarto Boots from DSW
Scarf around neck from Florence street vendor
Scarf on Bag, Oscar de la Renta
Bag, Dooney and Bourke, vintage
Leggings, Mango
Tank, Mango
Sweater, H&M men's
Hat, NY Hat and Co, about ten years old!

I like to shop high and low and mix it up. I shop mostly at vintage stores and H&M, Forever 21, Mango, Macy's, Bloomingdales, boutique stores, Outlet malls. Checking out TopShop more often and I dig ASOS petite's.  I like tights that have character, fishnets with some unique design with a classic black dress and wicked high heels. I shop for things to last, and I'd rather have something vintage, than something brand new when it comes to bags, and accessories.

On this blog I often feature Short and Stylish Petite's, and also Petite of the Week featuring aspiring models, coming up this week there are more features!

To submit for Petite of the Week here is the scoop on how to submit for consideration for a feature: Email me at petitepride@yahoo.com your headshot photo or comp card, include how you are making strides in modeling despite your height or plan to, put in the subject: Petite of the Week
Here are some previous Petite of the Week's:


To submit to Short and Stylish feature, which is also an on-going-feature, to submit by email your stylish photo to me at petitepride@yahoo.com, and share your name, height, where you're from, what you are wearing in the photo and where you shop and any comments you want to share about shopping as a petite. Here are some previous Short and Stylish Features:


Aim high and strive,

Give yourself a chance and strive

"You are only limited by what you don't try to do. Giving yourself a chance is the biggest thing you can do for yourself and goals." ~Isobella Jade

Friday, November 26, 2010

In December Vogue: new crop of new models from China, Japan and Korea -comments

On the train to Upstate NY to visit my family over Thanksgiving, I enjoyed reading an article in the December issue of Vogue about the new crop of new models from China, Japan and Korea. Beautiful editorial shot by Steven Meisel pg 298.

Wouldn't it be great if each month the fashion and women's lifestyle magazines made it a part of their magazines to always show models of ALL ethnicities, not just as a trend but as a forever normal thing! If they had to cover at least asian, hispanic, black and white each month? As a must-do! It would be cool. I think it would be awesome to feature girls of all ethnic backgrounds from around the world, since we live in a world of connectivity now, I think it is important, and it should already be the case.
I enjoy looking at all types of faces, all faces are beautiful and have a story behind them. All ethnicities are beautiful. I think asian woman are beautiful. And I was happy to see the editorial in Vogue and I am looking forward to seeing Asian models pave a strong path in the US for all types of brands, magazines and product ads. I am hoping the brands will step up and hire an asian, and other ethnicities as well.

I also am thinking about the girls who message me who are all of different ethnic backgrounds. Fashion isn't everything in modeling, and for shorter girls, and girls of all sizes and ethnicities they should look towards print modeling and make sure they understand what print modeling is, what print modeling involves, the photos needed and the type of agencies to pursue. 

No matter your height or ethnic background, your height isn't what holds you back, and your ethnicity isn't either, it might be that you need to focus on how to take what you naturally have and use it as a marketable trait. Sure it might be tough, but there is opportunity out there, and being self-made, and knowing we now live in a do-it-yourself-world you do have to be realistic, be ambitious, and work for it, and market yourself in the right ways, to the right agencies, with the right photos and marketing tools, compcard. Many girls approach me and share with me what they consider a flaw about themselves. But working in a business based on appearance and your character, and "how you look" and "if you are what they are looking for," involves noticing your assets, it involves even sometimes turning what you consider to be a flaw into an asset. Something you might dwell on as a negative feature, could be considered a marketable, unique, stand-out, interesting, memorable and great trait. If you celebrate and love who you are, it will be easy to stay positive when it comes to marketing yourself. Remember that although modeling can at first appear to be a business of perfection it is a business about marketing products of all types, and if your perception is only about perfect height, weight, age, etc, then you miss out on what you could be spending time pursuing. Noticing yourself can get you ahead. Also modeling is not just about "measuring up" or "being a certain age." There is not an age limit to pursue modeling, models are all ages, and you might be shorter than fashion height but fashion isn't everything. Notice where you CAN find opportunity, spend time focusing on those areas and you can find opportunities modeling with agencies and modeling for products, ads and magazines. Do the work you need to do to prepare for your success ahead of time. Print modeling agencies are the agencies that ad agencies call for hiring their models for ad campaigns for all types of lifestyle products. And there are many more non-fashion products out there, than fashion items. Study ads, study commercials. And most of the time in print modeling a white, hispanic, black and asian model is needed, to cover all markets and demographics, so consider that your ethnicity or what you think is a disadvantage, could be used towards your advantage. :)  And before you get in front of a camera learn what print modeling is and learn to love yourself, the more comfortable you are being you in front of the camera the more realistic and beautiful they will be. Which is what you want for print modeling.

Also, I like this United Colors of Benetton ad campaign, the brand always uses many ethnicities and types of models as well. http://www.benetton.com/portal/web/guest/campaign/imt
Here is more on Asian models: http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com/

Isobella Jade TM

Life becomes a memory so fast

Life becomes a memory so fast so tell the ones you love that you love them. Make each day matter and always treat others the way you want to be treated. ~Isobella Jade

seek, observe, and learn

To do what you want to do it can take seeking out the answers and observing and learning from it, giving it a try, and then you learn more, the learning never ends, learning is forever. Each goal leads you to the next one. :) aim high and strive

Isobella Jade

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Believing in yourself is beauty

Believing in yourself is beauty.  Beauty and believing in yourself starts within. ~Isobella Jade

Have a great Thanksgiving

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Doesn't this Turkey look yummy! It's Milk Chocolate from Godiva, so cute!
I will be Upstate, NY , and will be back with new posts next week.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Introducing my bangs!

Aspiring models and finding a professional photographer

Hey Girls,

A girl on Facebook recently told me about her terrible experiences working with so-called photographers. Well, it upset me. The topic always does. The topic of how anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a "photographer", even though they might not know anything about the craft of photography or the type of photos an aspiring model needs, or what print modeling means.  Don't look for photographer's on the Internet, don't look for them on these so called model-site, skip that! Please. The Internet-age only screams for scams. And aspiring models need to watch out! As a shorter girl, often you have to fend for yourself, which can lead to scams and mistakes if you are not careful.  You must: Have photography goals, and make sure your photographer understands your photography goals, does the photographer understand what type of photos a print modeling agency wants to see? You have to invest in yourself, this involves the right mindset, time and money.  If you can't afford to invest the mindset, time and money, then maybe you shouldn't pursue modeling.

Here are tips for finding a professional photographer, please read this posts:

I will be soon featuring photographers who shoot models of all sizes. Here is some tips on finding a photographer:







Wanting more for yourself, aiming high, aiming for professionalism is best, I have said it before and I'll say it again, it is better to slow down, not rush, plan and prepare your model photography. Also this is an excerpt from my new book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, where I mention in the back modeling tips for the short girl:

Three Tips for Finding a Photographer
“Value yourself.”

~Isobella Jade

The photography for your modeling pursuits is not something to rush. Finding a professional photographer is worth the research and self investment. If you are having trouble finding a photographer consider these tips:

Look in the phonebook

I am serious. It might seem convenient to go to the Internet to search for photographers; however, this doesn’t typically lead to a professional result. Remember, most professionals are not on the Internet looking for models to shoot and many social media model sites typically do not feature established professional photographers. Focus on researching professional photographers who have a photography business using a phonebook. Get their names and then use the Internet as a research tool to find more information about them and their photography services. Also strive to find a photographer who works with local magazines, companies, and has a portfolio of work that proves he has been hired by publications – look for tear sheets. You want to strive to work with photographers who are as ambitious as you are, and who also aims for professionalism.

Try a photo school.

So you might not have a budget or funds to work with a very established photographer. Many aspiring photo students are learning about the craft of photography and perhaps you can get some decent photos from working with them.
Mianly, does the photographer know what print modeling is? And the type of photos that are acceptable for print modeling? If not, don’t work with them. You don’t want to just shoot to shoot; you want to shoot to get opportunities. The photographer you work with should know about the opportunities for models of all sizes, so that you will be photographed properly.

Invest in yourself

Expecting to get photos for free can actually mean getting nothing of value for your pursuits. Sometimes professional photographers do test shoots with aspiring models; however, always discuss the shoot ahead of time to be sure you are getting photographs that can benefit your pursuits and it is not a waste of time.


And here are tips for posing and looking proportioned in your photos: http://www.petitemodelingtips.com/2010/04/short-is-short-but-short-modes-should.html

Friday, November 19, 2010

In Your Face: The new science of human attraction by David Perrett

Hi Girls,

I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty is within a person's energy, their inner glow, their kindness,their positivity, it's not just seen in their flesh and face shape.

Right now I am checking out this book called In Your Face: The new science of human attraction.

It is interesting because it mentions evolution, and how the face has evolved and changed over time. And how the face has taken its shape, and what the details of the face say about our personalities. It is a book about the creation of what beauty is, and it brings together a scientific point of view on what makes someone's face attractive.

I do think of this stuff actually. I was riding the subway recently and I thought to myself, what makes that girl pretty or not, what is it? Is it just my opinion or is it something else? Is it the spaces between her eyes, nose and mouth, the proportions of her face that make her more attractive or what? I started thinking about how some people's faces were more complicated than others, some just had more simple features and faces, others had profiles that were more dimensional, had more going on. Does that make sense? Did that make them less pretty or more attractive?  I was in kind of deep thought about it. I think a person's personality, or unique'ness stands out more than what might be considered beautiful.

I personally think my face is kind of complex, or something I’d call: a unique beauty.

Misfit Entrepreneurs: There's a misfit in each of us

Hey Girls,
On my podcast radio show today, I read from this article called Misfit Entrepreneurs,  by Dan Pallotta, from the Harvard Business Review, I really enjoyed it. I first read it on their app on my iPhone and loved it, and these are my favorite lines of the article:
There's a misfit in each of us, and it's the most delicate, precious thing that we have...To embrace the misfit in oneself is to be vulnerable...And it is only from love that great ideas can be born.
Read the article here, I am sure it will inspire you:

Style for Shorties: Original Penguin PIPED CARDIGAN in P

Hey Girls,

It can be especially hard to find sometimes I cute fitting polo shirt or top, but something that fits and something I love is Original Penguin. I LOVE my VERONICA short sleeve shirt. I like that they carry a size P.  Petite Pride!

Recently I eyed their  PIPED CARDIGAN  it is really cute in pink, but I also like it in white and black.
It is something you can wear for years!

Also shopping in the accessories can be fun, like this hat I think would look really cute on a girl.

I love Original Penguin.

New Podcast! Modeling and being a model: it is about what you make it.

Here is the scoop on the episode this week of Model Talk Radio called:
Modeling and being a model: it is about what you make it

Upcoming Show: 11/19/2010
Time:  2:00 PM  EST

Listen here to this segment and archived segments (also they are on iTunes):

Author, Model Isobella Jade shares how "Modeling and being a model: it is about what you make it." This segment is about striving as a shorter model and the importance of knowing the opportunities out there, and striving for them. If you don't know what is out there for you, you may miss your chance. Many girls don't know about the opportunities out there, and therefore do not move forward with their pursuits. Enjoy this segment about: more you know, the better for self-marketing yourself as a model.

Check out Isobella's modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" (also it is an eBook!) and her graphic novel is called "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior," and her latest book is called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model." You can find her books on BN.com and Amazon and wherever books are sold. Also, on her blog Isobella will be sharing Short&Stylish, featuring shorter girls who have great style. You can submit by emailing her your photo, where you live, your height and how you stay stylish despite your height and lack of mass retail for petite sizes to petitepride@yahoo.com.

Also she features Petite of the Week often as well. If you have a question about modeling reach out to Isobella through her Facebook page or through her website: www.isobelladreams.com and daily you can find free modeling tips for girls of all sizes on her blog: http:/petitemodelingtips.com
Tune in to this week's segment here:
Check out an excerpt of Short Stuff here: http://www.isobelladreams.com/

Aim high and strive

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kate Moss as as liberated desires by Anthony John Gray

I love this recent painting series by Anthony John Gray, the paintings are all oils on canvas and or masonite size 44" x 35". The artist's movement art of Spiritual Logic continues. 

Follow Anthony's work on Facebook here.
email me at petitepride@yahoo.com if you have comments on the work or are intrigued.

Having a dream has no age requirement

"you are never too old or young to dream, or become who want to be." Isobella Jade

models and beauty and fashion news

Hey Girls,

Some news on models, beauty and fashion.

Supermodel Carol Alt is launching her own line of raw skin care products:
http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carol-alt-launches-skincare-with-in-store-appearance-at-duane-reade-107032253.html  Also she is an author as well: http://www.carolalt.com/

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen's travel-themed fashion line, Olsenboye , available exclusively at JCPenney are looking for a new model, submit to their contest here: http://www.chictopia.com/contest/Olsenboye-City-Girl

Hanky Panky sample sale ends tomorrow, if you are in NYC check it out here: http://www.hankypanky.com/sample-sale

A reader on Facebook from the Seattle area sent me her link to her beauty tips and her modeling experience, you can check it out here: http://www.beautydreamteam.blogspot.com/

First, I think loving who you are in the inside is most important. A model's job is to keep her skin looking nice, and as a shorter model, having nice skin can land you a modeling job despite your height. If you are having trouble with your skin or curious about skin care treatments, check out this book called Beautiful Skin Revealed: The Ultimate Guide to Better Skin  

Short and Stylish featuring Maria

Short & Stylish

Name: Maria

Height: 5'5"

Where are you from: Brooklyn! NY

What are you wearing...

Vintage Flannel

H&M Gray Tank

Habitual Skinny Jeans

All Star Converse High top's

Accessories :

Tom Ford Cat eye shades

E-D Spec glasses

Two rings - Lucky Brand and Alexander Mcqueen

Bracelets - Betsy Johnson bronze bangles, lucky brand peace bangle, lucky brand leaf bangle and two elephant pearl bangles.

Love the look! ~Isobella

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life is about what you carry

It's not about where you've been or where you're from, the mishaps or tough time, --it is about where you are going and what you are doing with what you have experienced previously. Life is about what you carry and take away from the experiences you experience, but don't let the weight of a letdown hold you down. ~Isobella Jade

To Shorter model: height is a little thing in comparison

Hi Girls, I get asked about how to start modeling a lot, and as you can tell from my blog, I write about that ALOT! :) Here is an excerpt from an interview I did last year where I mentioned the journey as a model and being self-made:

Before I worked as a model, I was a very competitive track runner. So I took that athlete mentality and put it towards the rejection I encountered. I learned that a “no”, or not getting booked for a modeling job, or not getting picked, doesn’t mean you are a bad model, or not good enough. It just means you weren’t what they were looking for today. Just like in running, showing up and trying is the point, and is what matters.

Modeling is more than fashion, everything from contact lenses to detergents need models in their ad campaigns and commercials. As soon as a shorter girl sees that modeling is about modeling “something” (a product), suddenly you can see that models are not all tall or on a runway. Self-promotion is key for a shorter girl. A shorter girl should be using her personality, her smile, and the energy within her photos to sell herself, so that height is a little thing in comparison to how well the girl can model that product.
 ~Isobella Jade

Taken from my interview with Chick Speak here: http://www.womensmedianation.com/items/view/20367

Aim high and strive!

Psst: if you would like to a Petite of the Week submit your photos and how you are making strides in modeling despite your height to petitepride@yahoo.com

If you don't seek opportunities, you may miss it.

Hi Girls,

A photographer friend of mine recently went to an event where there were petite models working (some were promotional models and some were body painted he said), he mentioned how none of them knew about the opportunities out there for models their size, when he asked them about their pursuits.

It made me think about two things. 

One, the wrong perception of what you think is out there can limit you and that the misconceptions out there lead shorter girls to think they don't have opportunities, --but it is about creating them, and being prepared for them with the right photos, being a marketer, and seeking the answers.

Also that you have to have the will to research and seek and create the right marketing tools you need to best market your assets towards the direction of where you can find opportunities to model for products, brands and magazines.  Modeling "for" something, getting hired and booked, working with agencies, all involves a certain mindset. Here are the steps of the mindset you should have:

Think about your modeling goals. What is realistic and what do you want to do.
Shorter girls can work as print models. Research print modeling and learn about what it is.
Get your photos/--the right photos--get your comp card together and make sure it targets print modeling and your goals realistically.
Seek out print modeling agencies and talent agencies by mailing them your comp card in the postal mail. Print agencies do not have open calls often and they do not typically sign their models exclusive. Hence why you need a comp card and your marketing material.
Also seek out aspiring brands and photographers who are ambitious and professional. Aim high and get more.

Take your self seriously, I don't get that statement about how taking yourself seriously is a bad thing, it isn't. It is the best thing when pursuing something that is a challenge, like modeling.

If you don't seek opportunities, you may miss it. If you don't know you miss out.

Above is an article from the New York Daily News, where I mentioned how girls of all sizes can work in the industry if they know their assets, and market them well. :)


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Psst Hanky Panky Sample Sale in NYC NOW!

Hanky Panky Sample Sale in New York City November 16-19

260 Fifth Avenue between 28th-29th Streets

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Beautiful bras for smaller-busted women at Eve's Apples

Hey Girls, Let's talk about sexy smaller boobs, well let's start with what Adam saw in Eve. Eve did have kinda small boobs, but that didn't stop him. If you have smaller breasts like me, I vary between an 32A or 32B depending on the bra, I wanted to share with you this site I discovered called:   http://evesappleslingerie.com/
I've just Liked them on Facebook. These styles are cute for every day and also for a lingerie shoot. 
           Wacoal Lace Contour Bra               

I actually like some padding because I have a bootie and some padding can make me look more proportioned in a dress or something. But I love my boobs and size. I like having small breasts and I wouldn't change them.  Models of all bra sizes are modeling and you don't have to be a C cup to lingerie model. 

When thinking about posing for lingerie shots think about catalog posing, think of editorials in magazines for beauty and health as well. Make sure you are sticking to a natural look which can portray into commercial print modeling, and not looking too forced or awkward with your pose, really more natural is better. Being yourself. Lounging on a couch, leaning against a doorway, girls tend to think "pouting or pushing together their boobs is best," but actually lingerie models all sizes so don't forget the beauty in the natural you.

Also I found out that this holiday season, Eve’s Apples Lingerie – is inviting online shoppers to celebrate their “Inner Eve” with the chance to win a luxurious gift package during their Ultimate Lingerie Gift Contest. So if you need a new bra, now through December 10, customers who make a purchase at http://www.evesappleslingerie.com/ and sign up for the newsletter will be entered to win the following items:
•Best-Selling EBERJEY Delirious Red Bralette and Panty
•A signed copy of Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls by Elisabeth Dale (formerly Squires)
•BRAG “Tosca” (Chic Traveling Bra Bag)
•BRAG “Tosca” Mini Clutch
•BRAG “Tosca” Luggage Tag
•DELICATE DROPS Bra Laundry Case

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