Monday, October 18, 2010

some Shorter Model Education

Here is some Shorter Model Education:

Sure you're short, but who cares, some modeling agencies might not welcome the girl under 5'6" but there are actually MANY more commercial print modeling agencies out there that work with models of all types..your goal is to find them. Here are the differences between a fashion model and a short chick. There are more non-fashion models seen in ads and commercials, but at first thought the mind only thinks of a tall giraffe with a pissed off face when they think of the word model. But that's just a very small percent of the industry.

If you are not giraffe tall then being a model really is about being a marketer, and noticing what you have that is marketable. If you don't know why you are a good model, then you really should take a moment and think about that, or not pursue modeling at all. Knowing your assets helps you market yourself and get real modeling work and get paid well. I've been paid $1000 for a few hours of work just to model my leg, or place my foot in the latest stiletto or sandal for campaigns. And for girls who think they are too old to model,-- at castings for hand modeling I feel like the baby because most of the models are 35-40 years old. Sure, everyone talks about fashion models, but the girls in the Duane Reade ad or that foot you see on the billboard in the shoe salon at Macy's, most likely just made more money than that tall giraffe, and it had nothing to do with her height. Hence my foot in Macy's here. You have to have your model marketing materials, --marketable photos, a comp card and portfolio. You have to target the right agencies with your comp card by postal mail usually. Usually one mailing doesn't do it, typically you will be mailing ALOT before you get a call back to meet with an agency. Remember, if you are 5'2" and trying to work with Ford Models you will have a problem, knowing the right area of the industry to target to get opportunities is key.

The words Internet and Model are not frends. And just showing your photos on a social site doesn't mean you are a model. You might be pretty or photogentic, but that doesn't mean you are a model. It takes more than knowing how to download a photo to work as a real model or call yourself one. And just having a photo-shoot doesn't mean anything unless the photos match your modeling goals. You are not a model until you are hired to model-for-a reputable-something that is marketed to and seen by a certain region, or the mass public. So the photos you show represent where you are going and the type of work you will or will not book, and without a comp card and a portfolio you can not work with print modeling agencies.

A print agency won't always create these things for you, so be prepared to invest in yourself.

The short girl who wants to model might seek a short cut, but there is a no short cut.

Also it is one thing to show your body for a lingerie catalog, or for a health or beauty or fitness editorial, but becareful about the photos you expose, if it's not a photo you could show your mother, I'd think twice about shooting it or putting it out there. The Internet age is the last place to start a modeling pursuit,---- the real industry doesn't care about how many "likes" you got on that photo on Facebook. And one more thing, scams are on every single corner so beware, and also there is always going to be someone rejecting you, beating down your dreams, and ready to stomp on you, and if you can handle that, still grab your bootstraps, keep trying, believe in yourself enough and know yourself enough to know how to market what you have, then you have a fighting chance to book work. No one said this stuff is easy.

P.s: in my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, I included many tips for aspiring shorter models, check it out here.

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