Thursday, October 28, 2010

Petite of the Week is Rebecca


Petite of the Week is Rebecca, 5'4", from Queens, NY.  I like the shot with the red shopping bag, it has a real commercial print modeling feel which is good, girl on the go, it looks like it could be an ad for anything, a shoe company, a cell phone, credit card company, clothing store, which is the vibe your shots need for print modeling. And her beauty shot is warm and welcoming and fresh. This is what Rebecca has to say about striving as a model:

I am a down to earth, energetic, easy going young woman who always was passionate about modeling. Mostly influenced by fashion shows on television while growing up, I would try on my mother's shoes and practice my walk, so much, that the walk became part of me. In my late teenage years, I participated in various school fashion shows, pageants, joined a modeling club in my borough and was last year's winner of the Aldo Fashion Night Out walk-off competition. However, I soon became conscious of my size, as viewed by the industry, which made me realized that more emphasis was placed on my height rather than on my fierce runway walk. Following that revelation, I then began to research about the commercial/print industry and how I could make my mark. I spent the summer of 2010 shooting with commercial print photographers with the goal of building my portfolio and later submit the acquired pictures to various New York Commercial Print Agencies. With enough gathered photographs, I now am ready for submission. Although pursuing a career in the commercial/print industry, I have not lost sight of my true love, runway, and hope to one day be able to rip the runway with other fierce petites like myself.

Thanks Rebecca, get your comp card together and get it out there to commercial print agencies (there are many in NYC), and keep aiming high and strive on girl, ~Isobella

Psssst. some print agencies in NYC:

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