Friday, October 22, 2010

My memoir Almost 5'4" as an ebook in US! soon!

Hi Girls,

Guess what! I have eBook news!

As you know I self published my original modeling memoir Almost 5'4". And I am continuing to publish books under my own small press called Gamine Press. Well, my original memoir Almost 5'4" was submitted today for an eBook for the US for the Kindle through their digital text platform! Currently the book is under review and in a couple days should be ready to be bought and read as an eBook from Amazon. You can read it on your Kindle, or your iPhone app and iPad, iPod touch, and can be read on a Mac, PC, Blackberry, and Android-based devices. Yay!

Look for it in 48 hours or so.

Also today I submitted the book for the Nook through their Pubit program!
Here is what Almost 5'4" will look like on the Nook, cool huh!  I have the Nook app on my iPhone and do like it! I am excited to buy my own eBook! haha.

After I submitting Almost 5'4", the screen read:

Almost 5'4" is on its way!

Check back in 24-72 hours to see it available for sale on  This is what the book will look like on the nook, kinda cute right!

Stay tuned!

Also soon I will have Short Stuff and my graphic novel Model Life up as ebooks as well towards the end of this year, ebooks here I come!


You can find my books on here, and Amazon here.

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