Thursday, October 7, 2010

Model sites: remember posting pics is not enough

On Facebook I noticed a post about model sites. Model sites upset me and frustrate me, mainly because it is easy for a girl who wants to model who is short to turn to these sites, which often lead to scams, mistakes, regrets or worse. Oh believe me, in my early days I made some mistakes myself, but thankfully left that road before it was too late to forget the real reason for my goals to work as model.  I wrote a comment on BellaPetite's facebook page.

This was my comment:

agreed, in my memoir Almost 5'4" I go into ALL the bs with Internet sites and models, the Internet is really the worst place to promote yourself as a model and sites like those are really amateur-land. Most girls on these sites are short. Shorter than fashion height and feel it is their only way to “get exposure as a model” but it is the wrong exposure. It is not really “exposure at all” it is just “photo show and tell.” The real industry, real agencies don’t care how many comments your profile got, they want to see you comp card, your portfolio, your tear sheets. They want to know you are ready to go to a casting, that you are capable. And for a shorter girl it is a lot more than just the "want" it is the "realistic ambitious mindset"...a photo shoot doesn't make you a model, having your photo taken doesn't mean you are one. It is best to use the Internet as a research tool, not as a sole way to promote yourself because if you have real pursuits to really model, the real people hiring models who are in ads and magazines, are not on those sites. Professionals want to work with professionals, so if you are shorter you have to look for print modeling agencies, and actually fashion is VERY small percent of the working models and agencies out there. Print agencies that work with all sizes are out there, but you have to seek them out, research, really try and seek the right things, no doubt, no exception you have to be professional, already prepared, already have professional photos and already know how to model a product naturally. Print agencies do not work exclusive with their models normally, so you will not be trained to model and there are many scams out there, watch out, you don't need a modeling school, you just need to KNOW what print modeling is about. It is about personality. Showing your personality on camera and using it to sell products, services and brands and for editorials in magazines. Another thing is knowing your assets. If you do not know what is marketable about you as a model then you should not model. If you do not know your assets before you get infront of the camera you produce crapping images usually. You have to KNOW your assets, know what makes you a good model and know why an agency, brand, would want to work with you. Know what you have that can be used to market a product. Whether it be your personality, your hands for hand modeling, your body for fitness, health, or beauty. These days grandmothers are models, and the word model means marketing a product. There is no age because there are SOOOO many products and a diverse need for all types of models. Knowing this agencies need all types of models, but the attention they give each model is not as hands on. The very first thing to do if you want to model and you are is: Study what print modeling is, study commercial print modeling and understand what lifestyle ads are. Look for ads and magazines that are not so fashion forward and more about lifestyle products. You can find opportunities if you are shorter but you have to be smart about it, about your photos and the photos you create and use to market yourself. It can take months or years to get the photos that BEST market you. You should make a comp card and mail the agencies by postal mail, print agencies do not have open calls, and the life of the shorter model is more about "her will" than anything, the will to try, and being available and prepared for opportunities. You should also slow down. Plan each shoot with a goal in mind that reflects your goals as a model. You should be selective about the photographer’s you work with and make sure your photographer knows what print modeling is and know what print modeling agencies want. Another thing, TFP is 99.9% bs, so very becareful, unless the photographer has worked with national magazines, respected brands and has a respected business among his photography, I would not accept. Shooting just for money, or trying to make money off “just being shot” is really being just a girl infront of the camera…and it can mean being a photo whore. That doesn’t mean you are a model because someone pays you to take your photo. Until you are modeling for a product or for a publication or for something that a consumer would buy you are not a model. Also you have to have goals. It all starts with knowing yourself, and having goals. This happens before you should even plan a photo shoot or get in front of the camera. Often girls rush, skip the “actual real modeling path” and it leads to amateur-land. Aim for professionalism, aim high, respect yourself, and have a goal that is about “really modeling” and you could find yourself working with brands, with real magazines and agencies, but it is not an overnight process. The best shot a short girl can have is a smiling beauty shot. Then a full body catalog type shot. (also something I have worked for years as is a “parts model” it involves hand modeling, shoe modeling, etc.)


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