Monday, October 11, 2010

Last night saw the movie Secretariat

Last night saw the movie Secretariat, I liked how it was about the will to run, take a risk and chance and not having regrets.  How can I relate this to your modeling pursuits, well, you might not win the Triple Crown like Secretariat, or get booked for three modeling jobs in a row but it is all about letting yourself run, letting yourself have the chance for your success, believing you can, and being prepared for success.

It is rare to win every race in a row as a horse, especially with different lengths to run, and in terms of modeling it is rare to book all the castings you go attend, you might go to 100 castings and only book 3 jobs, but it is the will to try and not giving up, that leads to opportunity, self grow, and the feeling of success.


(TM Isobella Jade)

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