Sunday, October 17, 2010

knowing yourself and believing in yourself to strive as a model

A girl sent me an email with her photos and asked about if they showed she had a chance in modeling and how to get started in modeling.

My reply might inspire your own pursuits:

Hi Hun.........from what I can tell in these candid shots, --you have personality, which is good in modeling. If you are under 5'8" then print modeling should be your focus and I think shooting with a professional photographer who understands what print modeling is, is best.

First and foremost you have to believe that you have something that is marketable and of interest that the advertising and marketing world would want to use, you have to already have a confidence and know yourself and know what your assets are. Then capturing photos that represent these assets is best, it takes a great amount of "knowing yourself" and "believing in yourself" to strive as a model.

Once you notice your assets and start thinking like a marketer about your assets, you need some professional photos....natural headshots, beauty shots and catalog type shots/ lifestyle shots that show you modeling a product naturally, like a hand bag. And using your smile in the shots is best for print modeling. I would study ads in lifestyle women's magazines and also commercials on TV as well, notice the ads that show models smiling or using their personality in the shot and modeling products that don't seem to scream that the model is giraffe tall.

Being self-made isn't easy but the road for a shorter girl isn't about being signed by an agency and having someone help you craft your goals and dreams, for a shorter girl, life is unstable sometimes, the road is very lonely sometimes, and it really is about your own will to try.

And trying in a professional way, that involves really knowing yourself. I think modeling has more to do with knowing you, and your assets than being a certain height or having a certain look, I think you need to think about what you have that a brand would like, a magazine editor, an agency, an ad agency, and what you could realistically model for, because modeling is more than fashion, but you have to see all the ways that girls are used in ads and campaigns and commercials...everything from a Stapler, to tampons, to sunglasses and beauty use models, and height isn't a big thing for lifestyle products. So notice the marketing world and advertising world, and notice what you have that is also marketable. Your smile? Your eyes, your energy...these are all marketable things, but just knowing this isn't enough it is only step 1. Then you need to focus on finding a professional photographer who understands YOUR goals, listens to what you need, and knows what print modeling is. It is SO important to find professionalism, or else you will really waste time.

Getting the shots you need to best market yourself for your modeling goals is best and not wasting time. So remember, aim for professionalism and working with a photographer that knows what print modeling is, and investing in yourself and knowing yourself, knowing what you want and need to get there, is a constant part of being a self-made shorter model. I wanted to share with you some posts from my blog that cover topics on working with a photographer, the type of photos you need to attract a print agency, why you need a comp card before an agency, and how to market yourself in legit ways that can lead to real work as a shorter model. Also the "petite" and "short" thing is something that all pint-size girls have to get over, there are not agencies that typically work with shorter girls, so the attitude needs to be, focusing what you DO have and marketing that, forget your height, focus on your other assets that can be marketable for print modeling. Also being realistically ambitious and having goals, things to attain to do and get done each week/month, is best. Don't rush, it is best to slow down and plan the shots you need and research the best agencies to target your comp card to. Here are some more tips, I know these will help, but after you check them out let me know if you have other questions :)
What is print modeling:

The commercial print photos you need are pretty basic:

Why you need a comp card before the agency:

Does your photographer know what print modeling is? they should.

The differences between a taller model and a shorter model and agencies:

How to get a print modeling agencies attention:

How to market yourself as a model with your comp card to get work:

Working non-exclusive with modeling agencies 101

These should help and I hope they inspire your pursuits. Let me know if you have other questions and becareful of scams, and don't use the internet to promote yourself as a model there are many many amateurs out there and you want to skip that route.
Aim high and strive, height isn't everything,

"You have to already have a confidence and know yourself and know what your assets are before you start pursuing modeling."~isobella jade

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