Friday, October 22, 2010

How did you get these modeling jobs? Answered

A girl on Facebook recently asked me, "how did u get these modeling jobs ??

Most of the time there is not just one simple reply. It really is a loaded reply because it is a loaded pursuit.  My reply might help you own modeling pursuits: 

I work with print modeling agencies, and it has taken years to build a portfolio and build work, time and involved being really a good marketer of ones self... there is nothing to do but work hard. There is not one thing to do, there is MANY things to do to prepare for opportunities, to be in a position for opportunities. Opportunities=modeling jobs.

Know yourself and assets. Confidence and knowing what is marketable about you as a model is what you need to know before you get infront of a camera. Also only work with professionals. Invest in yourself and expect nothing to be handed to you. To work with agencies I had to have professional photos ad a professional compcard ahead of time. I had to be ready to work before the agency wanted to work w me. Modeling for a short girl is totally different than a taller fashion model. Print modeling should be your focus so study what that is. I focuses on creating professional photos that meant I could work well with products and model them naturally. I aimed to work with professionals. Made compcards and mailed them to print agencies...worked more on my photos, tried to also get my own modeling work working with aspiring brands and designers. I strives to also work with photographers who worked with print agencies and had professional work and understood what print modeling is. Researching is the only thing to use the Internet for. Skipping the Internet is best. Professional models are not using model sites or relying on the Internet to get work. And really photographers. Real agencies don't find models on the web soo keep in mind that the Internet age is decieving. And don't be mislead. I give advice on the web but I don't advertise myself as a model for hire on the web. I made my earlier mistakes which I shared in my memoir Almost 5'4" but thankfully I didn't get stuck in that world. Again stay away from the Internet. The real industry doesn't respect it. Becareful and skip amatuers and wanna be photographers, and only work with those who are professional even if it takes longer. Strive for more, aim higher get more. That is how opportunity comes. When it comes to starting to pursue modeling, observe lifestyle ads, print ads in magazines for lifestyle products...everything from jewelry to Walmart, target, cell phones...things, products, goods that every day people use. Not just people with a certain amount of money, but lifestyle products, every day products need every day models. Look at ads that involve the models smiling. That is print modeling. I would start by thinking about your assets --what do you have that a brand would like, an agency, a marketing campaign would want to hire you for. Then before you get infront of camera I would plan the shots you need, and invest in a great headshot/beauty shot. And shots that show you modeling a product and are more about your personality..Overtime when you have a few professional shots you can make a compcard and mail agencies the card. It took me a couple years and a couple compcards later before I heard from agencies. So understand marketing yourself as a model, and towards great agencies and castings and jobs takes time, it's not an overnight thing and even when u are working with a few agencies non exclusive the work never ends. Modeling is tough, can be unstable and very to work as a real model it takes major will and self investment. Print models work longer than tall fashion models...print models are all study commercial print modeling/-it is the way to work with agencies. Having realistic goals and working towards them is best. And before you seek out photographers know ahead of time the type of photos you NEED... so you don't waste time. :)

How I get modeling jobs, there is not one simple answer because so much has to happen, work that has to be done, preparing, from crafting photos to making comp cards to going to Staples and buying envelopes, stamps, and making print modeling agency submissions, then getting a meeting, send on castings, more castings, before you can start pursuing professional opportunities and get the bookings. Then work on photos more, update comp card, hustle hustle,  you have to be prepared for your success. It is a growth. Life is a growth.

You will find that with focus and care for yourself and realistic goals, and belief in yourself, it really is all base on what you put in to what you want. And when what you want equals what you can do, things start to happen, I hope this helps ~isobella

written on iPhone past midnight, so forgive the mess :)

Also she asked about looking at her photos. Since I am also a writer and working on book projects it is hard to always give a critique of photos, but I do try, and if I can't then I try to teach you how to know if your photos are marketable or not as well.  I hope that's what you get from this blog also. Some tips on preparing photos:

And tips for short chicks on being a short model:

A girl commented my Facebook page liking this post and told me she was working on her photos and I also shared with her this:

To get modeling jobs and work with agencies and to get hired for a modeling booking, I find it is best to produce photos that represents YOU CAN model for something, like a certain product or type of campaign, and it can inspire an agency or casting director, edit...or at a magazine, to give you the chance and book you for the opportunity. Showing you CAN in your photos can lead to actually getting the jobs. Ex: if my goal was to shoe model, I produced shots that showed I could model shoes well, if my goal was to model jewelry for a brand or editorial in a magazine, I showed in my shots I could well. Prove you can, work hard to show you can do what you want to do in a realistic and ambitious way.
I call it being realistically ambitious, ---my favorite saying lately.

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