Friday, October 29, 2010

Favorite little thing: LUSH solid perfumes

You ever see the movie French Kiss? When Luke shows Kate his bottles of scents and asks her to smell them and then taste her wine?  Well, I had an experience in the LUSH store that reminded me of that but in a different way.

I was hanging out at and I noticed they had perfumes so naturally when I was in the store I asked about them. A sweet LUSH-ette chick, escorted me to the perfume section of the store on 14th Street and then she asked me what my favorite places were, I said Italy and the ocean and she asked me to close my eyes and she spoke about the places and then rubbed across my wrist a solid perfume and it did smell like these places! Solid perfume is not something new, my grandmother used it, but it is something you should consider and it's been over the years making a come back and I love it. Little things rock! ~isobella

I liked Tucca Tucca and Imogen Rose Solid perfume. There is a nice selection here on their website, and in stores. 

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