Thursday, October 21, 2010

fashion might not welcome short chicks but...

"Height isn't everything in modeling if you know your assets. Dwelling on what you don't have won't lead you to results. Being realistically ambitious is best, so fashion might not welcome short chicks but there is a lot more out there to seek and strive to do, sometimes it involves having a new goal. I think being honest with yourself is the difference between a shorter model who models for brands, magazines and gets booked, and a girl who is waiting for the industry to change. The industry won't be changing asap, designers are not yell designing for all sizes and the fashion world stems from that, but fashion is not everything in modeling, which means you should consider all your assets, focus on where you fit in the industry of marketing products and brands, focus on print modeling, focus on getting professional photos that represent what you CAN do, and the best advice is really to slow down. And to not be in such a rush, usually when you rush without a plan, a strong perception of what you should do, the result is mistakes, wasted time, and frustration.  "
~isobella jade

Isobella Jade TM

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