Sunday, October 24, 2010

Coming up more Short and Stylish features (Submission info here)

Hi Girls,

I hope you noticed the Short and Stylish features I have posted since September, I am continuing on with this feature on my blog and planning for it to become an on-going-feature. Short and Stylish is about shorter girls showing off their style, proving that although the fashion world might not always caiter to the shorter girl, we can still finds ways to get the fit we want and like the way we look.

I have received some great submissions I am posting during the next weeks.

The submission and feature process goes like this:

Submit a photo of yourself in your favorite outfit, or a outfit, shoe, style you are liking, to me at with the subject: Short and Stylish

Share your first name, height, where you're from, what you are wearing and your stylish self in your own unique way! The measurements of the fashion world might not love the short chicks, but we can still overcome it and find our way to have it fit, we can work what we've got! :) ~Isobella

Psst: for more on sizing and fit for petite's check out this site:
Another good one for fashion on petite's is

******Also if you are an aspiring model and would like to a featured Petite Model on this blog, submit your headshot, comp card images jpg, and how you making strides in modeling to with the subject: Featured Petite Model

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