Friday, October 22, 2010

The Allegra Biscotti Collection during my Friday night

Hi Girls,
So this Friday night guess what I'm doing? No, I am not dancing on a table somewhere, no I'm not eating mac and cheese as a diner, no I am not freezing in a mini dress walking to meet my girlfriends, I am actually ordering pizza, staying in and checking out this cute book called:

By Olivia Bennett
Illustrated by Georgia Rucker

This is an inventive book about a fashion designer, Emma, who is in middle school. Picture this: She rides the subway in NYC and sketches out her design concepts while en-route to class. She goes through the highs and lows of being sought after and discovered by a well known Fashionista who believes in her, and gives her the opportunity to take her designing and fashion dreams to the next level. But beyond the potential for a feature in a major magazine and gaining fame and acknowledgement for her designs, the truth is, she is a student, she is in eighth grade, living two lives. Middle school is stressful enough without the hustle and bustle of also being secretly a striving designer. She decides to create a designer name, Allegra Biscotti, and behind this name she designs and gains confidence. She also experiences her own designer name coming alive and how hard it is to keep everything a secret, all while hiding her pursuits from her parents. As she experiences all these new experiences she feels betrayed when her best friend ditches her for the more popular girls at school. (middle school brats!) It is tough without many people to confide in. The only person she can tell the truth to is her friend Charlie, but that doesn’t make everything easy. This shares how dreaming doesn’t have an age, and how working hard does pay off, and honestly, these days, your shirt or pants could be designed from a 13 year old or teenager. Creating, dreaming, trying, pursuing, should start when you are a kid, or in middle school, by 18 I think you should have something that is yours, that you love, that is an expression of you, whether it is in design, writing, a sport, kitting, cooking anything. Having a passion has no age restriction and no limit. And being who you want to be, striving for what you want, isn't always roses. But passion, and belief in ones self is the recipe for great results!

Oh middle school. This book makes me think about how fashion has become a fascination for all ages. When I was in middle school fashion was basically just the DEB store and JC Penny’s. Oh Yes. Times have changed. If you were a kid in the 90's maybe you had fashion but really I didn't even say the word "fashion" until I was in college. <---also that was not that long ago.  Now we have a fashion is everyone boom and every five minutes a new trend, style, design, fashion opps, -although it seems normal now, it is really a new thing for all the news, images and mass market fast fashion we absorb today.  I remember when I got my first pair of pointy heels like yesterday. I remember when I got my first Kate Spade bag, my first designer shoes: Givenchy. However, I love unique finds more than logos and I'd rather have vintage, or something with a "used" or even "worn" feel than a handbag everyone is carrying. The Internet-age makes us all feel connective and able to share what we wear, what we made, what we like or don't think looks cute.  And, this book, reminds me of Tavi Gevinson, the 13 year old/ now 14 year old fashion blogger, I bet Tavi will have a book out some day as well.  I think The Allegra Biscotti Collection series is on to something, it's a go-to book for a girl who is in sixth grade through middle school, who might have dreams beyond their small town, or any girl who admires a go-getter. The illustrations by Georgia Rucker were also a nice touch. :) Check it out.

Ordering some pizza now, mushrooms, olives, mmm, this is going to be a good evening.

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