Saturday, September 4, 2010

When models work with a photographer

When you are working with a photographer to get marketable photos for your comp card and portfolio this about ads and editorials. Create shoots that have a purpose. A theme, a goal around "modeling something."

I think often girls get infront of the camera without thinking "what is the point of this shoot?"

To me, that is wasted time.  I think a model who is self-made has to build her portfolio, build your own opportunities, and get her own tearsheets in magazines or strive to get published.  The image could be funky, creative, cool, but is there an editorial or advertising value in the image? Does it look like an ad? Does it look like it could have been an editorial?

I think it is important to create stories within your photography, start with jewelry. I am going to be sharing some photo stories I have shot in previous years on this blog. Stay tuned and in the mean time, think about bringing more value to your photography as a model. Aim higher to work with professionals and people who have goals, and want to also get published and create work that has a story behind it.

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