Friday, September 24, 2010

Today a tall giraffe asked to see my comp card at one of my castings.

Today a tall giraffe standing in line infront of me asked to see my comp card at one of my castings. I feel like that happens often, infact another girl who asked to see my comp card at a different casting was in line behind me, and she was looking at me trying to remember where she saw me probably. ha.
I handed the giraffe in front of me my card, she said "your little hands" and then she told me she wished she had small hands, and that her's were monster hands. The casting was for a skincare brand for "back" and "hands"..well that was what I was sent for, maybe the tall girls were sent for something else. Still. Standing next to giraffes at castings is always interesting. I helped one find the bathroom.
At my earlier casting, it was for full body, back arms,stomach, etc, I had to wear a bikini,-it was stuffed in my bag,- so right as I signed-in for the casting I asked if there was a bathroom and since no one was waiting and it was "my turn" there was a little closet area that I was directed to, to change.  Inside I hurried to change and slipped quickly out of my boots, slipped on some simple sandals, flew off my clothing, threw my bag on the floor and got into my yellow bikini.  
I did the shots asked while on set. Sweet female photographer shot my front, profile, arm out, back.  Then was observed by the casting director who said to me "you have like no scars."  I told him I tried not to bang into things to keep my skin nice.  (I know I am such a dork)
Then I got locked out of changing room!  The door didn't have a lock, but when I shut it, it locked.
I stood there and was offered a chair and water as the key-man came up and opened the door a few minutes later.
Maybe it's a sign I'll book the job.
Then went to Grand Photo Solutions to review their Compcards. Looked good. If you are in NYC and need a compcard for modeling check them out. Real nice helpful people :)


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