Sunday, September 26, 2010

This latest trend of the drop-crotch sagging pants is ugly

Hi Girls,
 Ok. This latest trend of the drop-crotch sagging pants that makes the thighs look big and the diaper sag that really doesn't look good, yeah these clown pants are ugly! Also many magazines claim the style looks good on all sizes, I think really it makes everyone look bad! Loose fitting is one thing, but this extra fabric by the crotch is kinda gross! These examples don't even show how low many of the styles are.  Low as in it makes it seem like women have dropping balls or something. Very scared! Don't like it! Who is coming up with this ugly look? It makes me think that someone has crapped backwards in their pants or some mistake going on.

I found this picture below at (which is cute site) but I really don't think it's sexy.


Azstrel said...

LOL! I think it is Fugly too! Thank you for posting you opinion, Isobella! It Made me laugh this morning. :-D

Nicole said...

My sister just came back from Europe a couple of weeks ago and she told me EVERYONE was wearing these, even little girls. Guess the trend is coming this way.