Thursday, September 23, 2010

Short & Stylish featuring Laura

Short & Stylish

Your Name: Laura

Your Height: 5'2"

Where you are from: Venezuela, from Colombian parents, I currently live in Salt Lake City Utah.

What you are wearing:

1. Black dress and a coral necklace

2. Simple Purple shirt, grey denim and brown cage shoes.

My philosophy on style: Style is a form of self expression. It's part of the whole 90% of communication is non-verbal. It delivers you, your mood, your self steam and it enhances or hides your inner and outer beauty.
My personal style is simple yet bold. And that's who I am on the inside, so it's a true reflection of my inner-self. Thank God I was born 5'2" because the size of my aura and my soul are so big that it would be too overwhelming on a 5'11" frame.  My Soul has the perfect home.

Thanks Laura! ~isobella

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