Thursday, September 9, 2010

Short and Stylish featuring Marie

Short & Stylish

Your Name : Marie
What's Your Height? 5"2

Where you are from? NYC

What you are wearing? Forever 21, H&M, Target and more.

What about your style?
I think a lot about my style, I change it up everyday depending on my mood, or attitude. I like to be very simple. I don't wear make, I love tiny jewelry, and elegant jewelry. I like to feel like Marilyn Monroe on a regular day. I hate name brand that say the name on the outside, so therefore I refused to wear any unless I'm getting paid to model for the brand. I live a city life! So therefore people love to stop me to compliment my style, although I most of the time just put anything together and turn it into my style... I'm very unique!! I hope you could work with me; I'm an aspiring model, just need a great place to start.

Thanks Marie, ~Isobella

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