Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Research is a major part of being a self made model

A girl on Facebook recently asked me, "Do you know of any commercial photographers that know about taking photos that the commercial print agencies are looking for, I've been researching and haven't found anyone yet. Thanks."
I think headshot photographers are a good start. :) And a lot of times looking for TFP won't work, so I think it is best to invest in yourself and photos. A headshot photographer is a nice start for aspiring models because a professional photographer who shoots headshots and has a business knows about what models and actors needs and should know of agencies as well to submit to since they work among the industry. I know it is tough to find professionals with how commercialized the photography business has gotten but strive to get those professional shots, strive to show the real you in photos, with a photographer that understands what print modeling is. Or if there are agencies in your area you want to work with you could call them and ask which headshot photographers they suggest for an aspiring model?  Research is a major part of beign a self-made model, and for a shorter girl that's the life! Also if there is a local magazine check out the photographers who shoot for it, research professionals who are shooting print ads and editorials in magazines. I understand without experience as a model it could be a lot more tough to promote yourself, especially with photos that are not professional or just candid, but you could try.  Also a student at an art school, who is studying photography might be a good start for some basic shots to use to promote yourself to more established photographers. Strive, work hard, create, do, become. ~Isobella

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