Friday, September 10, 2010

Plain black heels for models from Charles David my picks

Over the years as a model plain black heels have been something often in my bag. For castings and on the job having plain black heels are a model-must-have. What I mean by plain is not bling or dazzle just as basic as you can get but still pretty. It has been getting harder and harder to find just simple black, maybe with some cute straps or string backs but really finding a simple black is not easy. Here are some picks for models ~Isobella

This shoe is from Charles David called Anise would be cute for castings, jobs and also night out with friends.
This Charles David Blip heel has black and some tan trim but I like it as a heel for model castings or bookings, it has a more casual feel but still has the height that is nice, when a black heel is needed:
This Charles David black Heel called Whisper is 3 1/2 inches and has a classic appeal.

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