Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oprah talks about Craigslist rape and I'm writing about models

I just caught Oprah's segment with the Craigslist rape victim, Sarah Lynn Kostovny, her blue eyes are so beautiful and  I wanted to hold her hand while she talked with Oprah, it was a tough segment to watch.

The segment touched on many points that relate to my own advocating about being careful about the type of images you show on the Internet as an aspiring model and how the Internet can hurt you.

I've mentioned how what you download on the Internet stays, even if you delete it. I would Google yourself and then see the images that come up...even if the image was deleted from your social media, etc, it can still appear.

Beware what you download and also be careful about the type of images that are taken of you.

Be VERY careful about the type of images you show on the web, especially be thinking about your future goals, respect them, and yourself, and be aware of what you show online. Often on Facebook I have received messages from girls who are 12-16 and I have told many underage girls to take down racy photos.

Daily girls who want to be models email me, write me on Facebook, and read this blog, listen to my podcast radio show, watch my videos and I am very much on the web, but when I think of the why, why I advocating about the modeling business, really it is because of the scams and dangers out there, and how easy the Internet-age has made it for a girl who has dreams and ambition, to get hurt.  The segment reminded me how the Internet age has created outlets for us to express ourselves but also the dangers in using the web as a sole source to rely on for ones success.

In my books Almost 5'4" and my fashion illustrated graphic novel Model Life the Internet-age and the highs and lows of it are seen. I wanted to share it bluntly.  Hence this article from the New York Daily News, where I mention Craigslist appearing in Model Life.  (In the book you find the character going through the low's of using the Internet to get ahead until she forgets the web and strives to get serious and be a real model and take her goals into her hands.)

From a modeling perspective, if you want to seriously get legit modeling work that leads to more, you have to be very careful and not desperate about how you promote yourself, and I really think it is best to skip the Internet all together. The words Internet and modeling do not go hand in hand or mix well. 

It might seem like the right path, and it might sound easy, "just sign up, post your photo and be a model" type social networks.   But it is not a good idea.  I do not support the model profile site or model profile hosting site. It is amateur land and professional photographers are typically not on model social sites. So focus on legit entrance into the modeling industry. (aka: print modeling for a shorter girl)
To enhance this: Craigslist also means danger for aspiring models when you consider the type of posts that are out there. Just now in the Gigs section under Talent these are three posts of MANY others which scare the heck out of me and make me fear and worry for anyone who submits to these type of posts.

Seeking amateur nude models - (Near Columbia Univ .)

need big booty model for photo & video shoot - (Queens Bayside)

seeking attractive models for vintage fetish work - (NYC/LI)

My advice: Beware. And run. Stay away from this!!

I am glad the Adult section of Craigslist is gone.

When it comes to models and modeling, however are there any eyes watching the talent section and the creepy posts? I fear the worst about it.

It is best to say Screw Craigslist.

Mainly if you are seriously trying to model and/or curious about working as one, you have to be extremely careful about how and where you market yourself and photos you put out there, and many times I have mentioned NOT to use the web as a place to promote yourself as a model. Scams and mistakes, regret lurks. You know I am serious because I have been there, I wrote about mistakes I personally even made and bluntly share how lucky I am that I made it out alive during some of my early modeling mistakes, and I share how I have overcome these moments in my memoir Almost 5'4".  To be honest knowing about the dangers, risks, and trouble that an aspiring model can easily get into through the Internet is what inspires me to advocate and write this blog. 

It is possible to get legit work as a model even if you are shorter, but you have to be realistic with yourself, respect yourself, know yourself, and aim higher.  Get your professional model marketing tools, comp card, portfolio and work with professionals, the Internet is not the place to promote yourself as a model for hire.

I am glad Oprah shared Sarah's story, even with how painful it was to watch and hear, it is a fact that the Internet is not just a playground or another world that you turn on when you turn on your computer or touch your iPhone, it is real, alive, and can very badly hurt.  To all the aspiring models out there, aim higher and aim for professionalism, it is better to surround yourself with professionals even if your process is a bit slower...modeling is not an over night success, it is a journey, and for a shorter girl it take a perspective eye, a hands-on approach, and the right marketing mindset. Strive on, be safe, aim high!


(Isobella Jade TM)

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