Thursday, September 30, 2010

Models with gap teeth rock! overcoming imperfections

I was reading and I noticed this article on gap teeth that lead me to some other articles. So thanks Lemondrop! :) 

I have a gap between my teeth, so does Lara Stone and a fav Lauren Hutton and also Ruth Crilly, and here Ruth shares her life with her gap teeth, which is an awesome article!

Another article on gap teeth in the WSJ and how they rock!

Over the years I have become more comfortable with my own gap and I wrote about it in my new book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model here:

Overcoming Imperfections in Modeling
“Being a model means that you will be judged and analyzed often, but focus on what is great about you as a model, and ignore the rest.”

~Isobella Jade

While growing up, the first unique trait I learned I had was my teeth. In my family, my mother, sister and I all have a gap between our front teeth. My grandmother did as well. In a sense the gap represents my roots. And overtime, I’ve learned to accept my gap, like it, even call it a trademark of my face. I think it gives me character. And I not only accept it today, over years I have learned how to work with my teeth – to control my teeth – and not let them control me.

But is a gap between your teeth considered an imperfection anyway? Or an overbite? Some people think so. But at the same time you could say there is a new trend of having gapped teeth. Think of Anna Paquin, Lara Stone, Jennifer Hudson, and Amy Winehouses. Or is it a new trend or a trend starting all over again? Think of Lauren Hutton and Jane Birkin. In fact, cosmetic giant Rimmel recently hired Georgia May Jagger (daughter of Mick Jagger) as the face of its new ad campaign. And Chanel signed Vanessa Paradis to be the new face behind Chanel’s new line of lipstick, Rouge Coco de Chanel, and for its Coco Cocoon ads. And all of these beautiful ladies have a gap between their front teeth.

Recently on my Youtube video page where I give tips about modeling, there was a comment that beauty models must have perfect teeth. I don’t agree.

If your teeth are not bright as the full moon and not perfectly straight you can still model, and even still be a beauty model. Often the model's teeth aren’t even seen. Overall, having perfect teeth thing isn’t a thing to stress about in modeling. If your teeth aren’t perfect, it won’t hold you back, not if you’re ambitious to bring the best of you forward.

I have come to grips with the fact that my teeth are not perfectly straight and that I have a gap and overbite. I have learned to work with it. I smile with confidence all the time at castings.

Remember, something you think is an imperfection could become your trademark. It’s all about perception.

Check out Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model here.

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