Thursday, September 9, 2010

The modeling casting and audition process being prepared but not dwelling

A girl on Facebook wrote me recently and said, "So I did my first audtion every for a commercial where I was suppose to act excited, they basically wanted people to look good in it. Gotta say I was nervous. Just wondering what your first audition was like and on average how often do people auditioning get rejected, probably lots I assume. I keep rehashing in my head what I could of done better, but it was my very first audition so I'm trying to be not too hard on myself. This is probably all in your book and I am planning on getting it. Thanks."

My reply might inspire your own pursuits:

Congrats on the audition, but it is best not to dwell, dwelling causing anxiety, and remember there is much to pursue, so if you book this job then GREAT but if not you gotta keep on rolling and striving. Modeling is competitive. The Modeling and acting worlds come together often and you will find yourself "acting" a lot, and "acting like your natural self" when you model a product, like a cell phone or whatever. I think being perceptive and creative, being able to quickly understand what the job involves is best and adjust your self and mindset for each casting since all castings are different. Here is a post I wrote about a casting in which a girl really was not prepared or really didn't understand the casting, and it was a sad situation on her part.
Before you attend the casting or audition, I think it is good to know what the casting involves and know something about the product or brand it is for, so you can better look the part and fit the vibe.

Just like you'd prepare by knowing something about the company if you had an interview with a certain company for a corportate job, you should go in not clueless.

Treat each casting as getting the chance but if you don't book the job don't let it become something that stops you, stay ambitious. You might go on 10 castings and not book one or you could book the next one you go on, but you are out there, trying and striving. That is what leads to work. Keep your head high! ~isobella

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