Saturday, September 4, 2010

I have small boobs and like them NYTIMES article on small bras

With pint-size in mind,  and loving your size, I've interviewed CEO of Lula Lu Lingerie, Ellen Shing on my podcast radio show, and yesterday she was featured in the New York Times for her bras for little boobs recently, and I like it when she said in the article:

“It’s a misconception still that you want to be bigger if you’re smaller.” She isn’t sure if the small-and-loving-it attitude she has noticed is “about pride or more like being O.K. with who they are.” But it’s fueling her sales.

You should check out the full article here:

Here I am wearing a Lula Lu Duet Lace Demi Underwire Bra, cute!

Lula lu Lingerie here:
And the interview I did with her here:

And here Marie Claire plugs the size of boobs:
Petite pride! Tiny is terrific!

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