Friday, September 24, 2010

got two castings today that involve the body

got two castings today that involve the body, one is for a skincare brand and one is for a health company.  Then I am checking out the quality in some comp card studios in NYC, because I need a new one.  I also like to know what the print quality feels like in my hands before I place an order. It is rainy, well when I look out the window I see the NJ skyline and it is looks rainy there, in NYC I am not so sure so I went to and saw that it is partly cloudy, still the weather is always changing.  So deciding what to wear right now.

So I have to wear a bathingsuit for the first casting, and perhaps even for the second, and I have to go get a pedicure and manicure right now (should have done it yesterday but so much pr mailing for my new book),  so shoes, the type to wear are on my mind, and clothing which I do not mind getting wet!  wish me luck, like I wish you, isobella

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