Friday, September 3, 2010

A birthday wish for my self, reflecting on this year

To Myself,

Happy Birthday girl, you should be proud of yourself. Since your last birthday your graphic novel Model Life came out, Almost 5'4" came out in the UK, and soon your third book Short Stuff will be out and you got engaged last fall and married this summer. It's hard to sit still sometimes, and I know there are actually 3 book projects you'd like to put out in the coming year but pace yourself and give yourself a chance to breath sometimes.

This year you also were assured that you can research and research, find the right editors and pitch, pitch and pitch a book to publishers, and when you get rejection it feels like wasted time spent, seriously, so although you will pitch publishers still for certain concepts, a book deal is not your end-goal, it's putting out great stuff that you believe in and are passionate about. Continue to create and write and share, and if you self-publish it that isn't a big deal, you can self market, you've done it and done a really great job before. Stay in the drivers seat. Continue to believe in what you want and yourself.

Continue to strive to work with brands you like and want to work with, not just for modeling though, but to bring together brands with your readership as well.

This year the amount of letters from girls who read your blogs, watch your videos, listen to your podcast and hang with you through social media has really been inspiring and proof and even more reason to create and put it out there.

To striving, chasing and giving yourself a chance for many more years,

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mom said...

I'm so proud of you! You are a very hard working worman! I look forward to reading your next book.