Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The best Honeymoon ever in Italy!

Hi Girls,

I wanted to share some pics from my honeymoon!  Just got back Sunday. For our honeymoon we went to Italy, Tuscany for 2 weeks! But we saw a lot!! We went to the Greve in Chianti wine festival and it was really fun discovering local wines that are not in the US and chatting with the vineyard owners, we stayed in a villa in Panzano called Villa le Barone, SO NICE, and I love Tuscany!

We also really ENJOYED Florence-firenze, walking the streets reminded me of NYC, & we drove to Pisa's Leaning Tower & Duomo, which were amazing, and we stayed in Siena for 6 days and Siena's Duomo was so eye-popping we went twice! & throughout the trip we took day trips to the sweet medieval towns Montipulciano & Lucca & Arezzo & the medieval Manhattan called San Gimignano, and went to Portofino, at the sea, for a night was so, so beautiful.  Also Italy is a lot more hilly that I thought it was. You'd drive through a tunnel, throught a hill often,--also the towns on hills were amazing, you'd drive on a major curvy hill and it would be like driving near a cliff, but the cliff was so beautiful, (Portofino).

We also went to Grosseto and went to the beach called Castiglione della pescia, and also Talomone was SO beautiful, the water is so clear and it is so untouched and raw. We also went to St. Stefano which reminded me of a more commercial Portfofino.

I think the pics here will explain the fun we had. Being in Italy you can't help but feel the culture, absorb the art, sit in awe, appreciate the history (I kept thinking, while looking at the art and paintings and skylines of Italy, about how nothing in America that was built which we admire now as historic was even conceptualized yet, imagine art and buildings, creations from the year 1000 or 1200?), the beauty of Italy will blow you away and the stories found in each town and city. I remember sitting in a lawn chair in Chianti at Villa le Barone and the stars, omg, it was unreal, like a dream how clear the stars were, how bright, how many!  Two nights we looked at the stars in Chianti during our stay and it was very memorable for us. 

We ate so much gelato and pasta, pork, seafood, wine!  Just don't try to eat between the hours of 2 or 5pm, it will be tough! Many doors close between those hours, so be prepared to eat late, 7-9ish. And don't mind the repeat of outfits, it was 2 weeks of not washing clothing and you will see some repeats of outfits, I hope you like the brown scarf I bought in Florence for 5 euro, love! I will share more about the cute fashion finds from Italy that I discovered and love. Especially Intimissimi lingerie which I first boughtin Rome and now it is a treat and special thing to get when I visit Italy always.  Here are some pictures from the start of the trip. I will share more throughout this week. 

If you click the image it should go bigger. ciao bella  ~Isobella

Actually, before Italy, we got to spend a few hours in Paris, we had a 7 hour layover!


The cathedral!
On top of the Giotto's bell tower, which is next to the The cathedral, - I climbed this in heels! See here.

Even stopped by a LUSH in Florence, bought Angels on bare skin, to use on the trip. 

More pics to come!

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