Friday, September 3, 2010

The best gift for my brithday is you checking out my books

Hey Girls,

Today is my birthday! yay!

For my birthday, if you haven't already, I'd love is for you to check out my books Almost 5'4" and Model Life on or Amazon, they are about growth and they are made with my heart and soul :)

And soon, in October, I will be having NYC events for my new book "Short Stuff". Today, actually I'll be in the air, I leave for Italy for 2 weeks today! Thank you for being a reader of this blog and I am glad it has helped your pursuits. I write because I've been there and share because I know what it is like,
 :) ~Isobella

P.s: In the UK today I got some buzz from Ondo Lady on my memoir Almost 5'4":

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