Thursday, September 30, 2010

Models with gap teeth rock! overcoming imperfections

I was reading and I noticed this article on gap teeth that lead me to some other articles. So thanks Lemondrop! :) 

I have a gap between my teeth, so does Lara Stone and a fav Lauren Hutton and also Ruth Crilly, and here Ruth shares her life with her gap teeth, which is an awesome article!

Another article on gap teeth in the WSJ and how they rock!

Over the years I have become more comfortable with my own gap and I wrote about it in my new book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model here:

Overcoming Imperfections in Modeling
“Being a model means that you will be judged and analyzed often, but focus on what is great about you as a model, and ignore the rest.”

~Isobella Jade

While growing up, the first unique trait I learned I had was my teeth. In my family, my mother, sister and I all have a gap between our front teeth. My grandmother did as well. In a sense the gap represents my roots. And overtime, I’ve learned to accept my gap, like it, even call it a trademark of my face. I think it gives me character. And I not only accept it today, over years I have learned how to work with my teeth – to control my teeth – and not let them control me.

But is a gap between your teeth considered an imperfection anyway? Or an overbite? Some people think so. But at the same time you could say there is a new trend of having gapped teeth. Think of Anna Paquin, Lara Stone, Jennifer Hudson, and Amy Winehouses. Or is it a new trend or a trend starting all over again? Think of Lauren Hutton and Jane Birkin. In fact, cosmetic giant Rimmel recently hired Georgia May Jagger (daughter of Mick Jagger) as the face of its new ad campaign. And Chanel signed Vanessa Paradis to be the new face behind Chanel’s new line of lipstick, Rouge Coco de Chanel, and for its Coco Cocoon ads. And all of these beautiful ladies have a gap between their front teeth.

Recently on my Youtube video page where I give tips about modeling, there was a comment that beauty models must have perfect teeth. I don’t agree.

If your teeth are not bright as the full moon and not perfectly straight you can still model, and even still be a beauty model. Often the model's teeth aren’t even seen. Overall, having perfect teeth thing isn’t a thing to stress about in modeling. If your teeth aren’t perfect, it won’t hold you back, not if you’re ambitious to bring the best of you forward.

I have come to grips with the fact that my teeth are not perfectly straight and that I have a gap and overbite. I have learned to work with it. I smile with confidence all the time at castings.

Remember, something you think is an imperfection could become your trademark. It’s all about perception.

Check out Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model here.

Short and Stylish featuring Mindy

Short & Stylish

Name: Mindy

Height: 5 ft 4-5 inches

Where are you from: Ohio

What are you wearing: Charlotte Russe Black plaid short vest, Miley Cyrus black shiny spandex,knee high heeled boots.

Thanks Mindy~Isobella

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

recoJeans Fashion Show at Greenhouse Global Genes Project

Hey Girls, This is awesome!

I was on my honeymoon in Italy and I couldn't attent the Reco Jeans Fashion Show and collaboration with the Globle Genes Project early this month at Green House: 150 Varick St. in NYC, so I had my savvy correspondent Colleen attend and mingle and chat with the Reco Jeans Team to produce a segment based on the amazing company. I am so jealous I was not there! I hope you enjoy watching the interview and feature below and thank you to Alex Kroke for his camera work. And if you have not heard of Reco Jeans you should open your ear and be delighted and intrigued, this company rocks!

Matthew Langille's jean bear tee-shirt is so cute, it is made out of recycled bottles! I know awesome!

Reco jeans are made from recycled materials and they have used petite, shorter models, and I am really into that of course!

Be aware,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's one thing to be short, it's another to be short sighted

How high heels, accepting reality, hard work and looking in the mirror helped to make me a model.

Maybe one day I'll meet Kate Moss, I bet she'd be a lot taller than me.  But being pint-size hasn't meants I can work with great brands and magazines, go to castings at Hearst, Conde Nast and stand in line with the lank giraffe models.  I stand next to them all the time. My height is obvious. Or lack of. But normally at my castings I ask myself "what are THEY doing here?"  Because it is a casting typically for my body parts.
I've found a way into the modeling industry through parts modeling, and over the years I have worked with great brands and magazines, you may have seen my foot in Macy's on a huge wall near the Easy Spirit shoes? You may have seen my hands in Bon Appetit magazine, or my legs in the Victoria's Secret catalog?

I put to use what I do have. But putting to use what I do have involves putting away the fantasy.  The thought of being on the runway, working with fashion modeling agencies, being taken care of in this industry. I could work as a model once I accepted and noticed the truths of the short girl. Print modeling is the area to pursue, it is the area of modeling where every day looking people and attractive people with spunk and personality model lifestyle products. It welcomes all types because the print modeling world works off the products and services that all types of people use and buy.  As great as this sounds print modeling is being a lone solider most of the time. It is working mostly non-exclusive with agencies and often being more of your own agent than anyone. It involves showing up to castings because you have the will to try, and want to, not because someone is your cheerleader and preparing you for the casting or job. It is making your own comp cards, marketing them to the right agencies, growing your portfolio, seeking out your own modeling work, gaining tearsheets, hunting for them, ripping them out of magazines carefully, letting each lead to the next. It is a process of years. It is like starting a little business of yourself and assets. But if you market yourself properly with professional photos, the right marketing mindset, and the ambition and availability to try, you can get yourself some work as a model. I don't care how tall you are. Height is not everything in the modeling world. But you have to see it that way and act upon it that way. 

The more you notice about yourself, your assets, the better. I talk about this in my new book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, and I talk about the hustle, the day in the life on the job working with brands and magazines, going to castings, and putting yourself and your assets out there in the right ways, to the right people, and opportunities.

I think noticing yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself.  In any pursuit, passion or career, or life. So I might not be super tall, but I have great skin, so I might not be able to get in the door with Ford, Elite, etc, but there are MANY print agencies out there, actually many more print agencies than fashion agencies, it's just that the media only talks about fashion.

You gotta notice yourself and work with what you've got!  I wear heels, I love heels, but I have become over the years more comfortable with my own height, or.... my natural height in riding boots which only gives me about an inch or 2 more. As an author I promote the short chicks and I have become more comfortable with saying, Yes I am short. I am most happy in heels, but I know I am the shortest one in the room, usually even with heels on!

I wear super high heels at events, and even in meetings, running around, sometimes at certain castings, but I am not being hired for my height. I am being hired for my other assets, my energy, my smile, my hands, my body, even my legs, and having a nice even skin tone has helped.

For my modeling photos I have learned to stretch my body, to arch, to  naturally and in a pretty way  work my limbs to appear longer in photos, and here are tips on that, but I don't market myself as anything that I am not. I don't try to be a fashion model, I am not one. Fashion is an industry based on measurement, but I still have used my legs in modeling, alot! Especially with shoe modeling my legs are often and always in the shot, working the show, the angle, my legs to look a bit longer for photography and marketing sake for the product campaign, etc.  

I also have looked in the mirror alot, I still do, and study my body. How it moves, what it looks like what I move a certain way angle, I will sometimes stand naked infront of the mirror or in a bikini and just watch my body, because for castings for body and parts modeling, it is good to know my body, ex: how my arm changes when I move it a certain way. I like to see the mirror's perspective because THAT is the camera's perspective.

Sure having a nice body and skin tone has been helpful but skin is not everything in modeling, and modeling is more about lifestyle than anything. Sure there is the glamour, fantasy in fashion which is fun to observe, and enjoy looking at, but that is a small percent of the photo shoots, campaigns and production that goes into the marketing and advertising worlds of selling products and models holding the product or using it.  Most models are not supermodels, most are print models who have personality to help sell a products image. They are modeling accessories, technology, skincare, beauty, or for products in the areas of fitness, health, home goods, cars, beverages, food, oh yes coffee, and in the tampon commercials! Look around your house. Each item you own was most likely marketed to you by a model who was not a fashion model.

On this blog, soon, I am going to be showing you day in the life images that I see throughout my own day that represent "print modeling" and "commercial print models."  An ad on a bus, in a magazine, in a store window.
Showing you that print modeling is alive and moving and accepts all ages, colors, shapes and sizes. You just have to notice it.

Something that is also good to notice and accept is the reality. Print models can make nice money, but print models are not jet set typically. Print models can model until they are grandmothers, but that doesn't mean they will model every single day and be sent on 10 castings a day. Print models still wait 30-60 days to get paid from a job. Print models are marketing their personality and other assets beyond height mostly. Print models experience a more hands-on pursuit. Print models are everywhere you look.

This is how I end the book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model:

                                                  It’s OK to be short. But not short-sighted.

I only know I am short when I stand next to something tall.”

~Isobella Jade

I know that it’s one thing to be short; and that it’s another to be short-sighted. I might not be a tall supermodel strutting her stuff on the catwalk, or posing in high fashion clothing for high fashion magazines – but that’s not everything in modeling.

Remember, striving as a modeling isn't about just knowing what you want to model, it is about knowing what you’re good for in modeling – knowing where you can realistically find opportunity and chasing it. Make sure you’re considering all you COULD DO, not just what you may not be tall enough to do. To be successful as a model it really takes a marketing mindset, a perceptive eye, knowing what is marketable about yourself, and being ambitiously realistic. Notice how I said nothing about height; it just takes enough will to try in the right ways.

I love surprising people and the looks on people’s faces when they meet me and ask, “But you’re so short. I thought all models were tall?”
I usually tell them with some sass in my voice, “Height isn’t everything in modeling when you focus on the other assets you’ve got.” Not matter your height, aim high, because the higher you aim— truly the more you get!

Isobella Jade

(Isobella Jade TM)

Illustrator of Model Life Jazmin Ruotolo has a table at Comic Con

My Illustrator of Model Life Jazmin Ruotolo has a table at Comic Con (oct 8th-10th) I won't be in town, but go check out her work, it's good!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Modeling Portfolio prints, glossy or matte?

A girl on Facebook recently asked me: I am printing some pictures out for my portfolio 9x 12 and are your pictures glossy? I wanted to know what you suggested.

My reply.

I like matte not overly glossy. Slightly glossy ok. Because glossy can reflect and and the image can be not as pretty to see clearly when in the portfolio clear sheets.

For printing I suggest:
Based in NYC on 18th Street.
42 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New book! Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model is due in October!

Hi Girls,

I am excited to share with you the cover of my new book called:

It’s a new collection of modeling stories from on-the-job experiences with Marshalls, Victoria's Secret, Macy's, Easy Spirit and other modeling jobs that took place after writing my memoir Almost 5'4". 

Also it’s also part “modeling tips for short chicks,” which was inspired by You, my blog readers and online readers, and my listeners of my podcast radio show
Short Stuff is due: October 12th, 2010, of course you can pre-order if you wish! :)

You can find it online here:

And here: 

(cover images will be on those sites soon)

If you have enjoyed my blog then I know you will enjoy this book! I look forward to sharing it with you :)

Aim high and always try!

This latest trend of the drop-crotch sagging pants is ugly

Hi Girls,
 Ok. This latest trend of the drop-crotch sagging pants that makes the thighs look big and the diaper sag that really doesn't look good, yeah these clown pants are ugly! Also many magazines claim the style looks good on all sizes, I think really it makes everyone look bad! Loose fitting is one thing, but this extra fabric by the crotch is kinda gross! These examples don't even show how low many of the styles are.  Low as in it makes it seem like women have dropping balls or something. Very scared! Don't like it! Who is coming up with this ugly look? It makes me think that someone has crapped backwards in their pants or some mistake going on.

I found this picture below at (which is cute site) but I really don't think it's sexy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Complaining about the lack of short models on the runway is a waste of time

Complaining about the lack of short models on the runway is a waste of time, as a model I believe in working hard and from my early days I believed in "proving you can with examples that you can to get the chance", and I think it is best to be realistic, honest with yourself and understanding of the industry and the way that side works. Fashion might not welcome the shorter girl but that doesn't mean you can't model. Focus on where you CAN find opportunity. Focus on print modeling, notice lifestyle ads and editorials where height isn't a big thing. I think there is room for change in fashion---one day, but I think bitching about how short you are, or how much it sucks that fashion won't support shorter girls on the runway is a waste of time, if you want to model and you are short you have to focus on where you can really find opportunities to build a portfolio and your experience. Don't let one of the smallest areas of the modeling industry hold you back. Fashion models are a very small percent of the working models out there. Model means more than long giraffe legs.  But you have to believe that, seek the opportunities, be perspective to opportunities and how to give your self a chance by being preparing with the right photos to market you the right ways that fit with your goals.

Get a goal, if you don't have one, get one! Aim high and try! ~ isobella

Friday, September 24, 2010

Today a tall giraffe asked to see my comp card at one of my castings.

Today a tall giraffe standing in line infront of me asked to see my comp card at one of my castings. I feel like that happens often, infact another girl who asked to see my comp card at a different casting was in line behind me, and she was looking at me trying to remember where she saw me probably. ha.
I handed the giraffe in front of me my card, she said "your little hands" and then she told me she wished she had small hands, and that her's were monster hands. The casting was for a skincare brand for "back" and "hands"..well that was what I was sent for, maybe the tall girls were sent for something else. Still. Standing next to giraffes at castings is always interesting. I helped one find the bathroom.
At my earlier casting, it was for full body, back arms,stomach, etc, I had to wear a bikini,-it was stuffed in my bag,- so right as I signed-in for the casting I asked if there was a bathroom and since no one was waiting and it was "my turn" there was a little closet area that I was directed to, to change.  Inside I hurried to change and slipped quickly out of my boots, slipped on some simple sandals, flew off my clothing, threw my bag on the floor and got into my yellow bikini.  
I did the shots asked while on set. Sweet female photographer shot my front, profile, arm out, back.  Then was observed by the casting director who said to me "you have like no scars."  I told him I tried not to bang into things to keep my skin nice.  (I know I am such a dork)
Then I got locked out of changing room!  The door didn't have a lock, but when I shut it, it locked.
I stood there and was offered a chair and water as the key-man came up and opened the door a few minutes later.
Maybe it's a sign I'll book the job.
Then went to Grand Photo Solutions to review their Compcards. Looked good. If you are in NYC and need a compcard for modeling check them out. Real nice helpful people :)


Daisy Fuentes has styles for girls of all sizes yes petite pride!

Hey Girls,

I was in Barnes and Noble recently and I saw Daisy Fuentes book Unforgettable You: Master the Elements of Style, Spirituality, and True Beauty, it had insightful inspirational messages, it was part biography and had a cool scrapbook humanistic feel, (it was actually her cute pose on the cover of the book that caught my eye) after I checked her book out I was inspired to check out her clothing collection at and I was impressed, -- her equestrian legging are very cute, (go look for them and check them out!) and I wanted to share some things that caught my eye with you. So click the images to see larger/ and next time you are in a Kohls store look for them.

Here are some of my favorite pics from Daisy's collection.

Check out her book here:
Unforgettable You: Master the Elements of Style, Spirituality, and True Beauty

Enjoy! :)

P.s:  I hope you noticed on my blog that I am featuring Short and Stylish girls, if you are petite and stylish and would like to be featured on my blog, email a photo of your self, how tall you are, what you are wearing, how you strive to creative own style as a short and stylish girl, and your favorite places to shop, to:

Aim high!

got two castings today that involve the body

got two castings today that involve the body, one is for a skincare brand and one is for a health company.  Then I am checking out the quality in some comp card studios in NYC, because I need a new one.  I also like to know what the print quality feels like in my hands before I place an order. It is rainy, well when I look out the window I see the NJ skyline and it is looks rainy there, in NYC I am not so sure so I went to and saw that it is partly cloudy, still the weather is always changing.  So deciding what to wear right now.

So I have to wear a bathingsuit for the first casting, and perhaps even for the second, and I have to go get a pedicure and manicure right now (should have done it yesterday but so much pr mailing for my new book),  so shoes, the type to wear are on my mind, and clothing which I do not mind getting wet!  wish me luck, like I wish you, isobella

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oprah talks about Craigslist rape and I'm writing about models

I just caught Oprah's segment with the Craigslist rape victim, Sarah Lynn Kostovny, her blue eyes are so beautiful and  I wanted to hold her hand while she talked with Oprah, it was a tough segment to watch.

The segment touched on many points that relate to my own advocating about being careful about the type of images you show on the Internet as an aspiring model and how the Internet can hurt you.

I've mentioned how what you download on the Internet stays, even if you delete it. I would Google yourself and then see the images that come up...even if the image was deleted from your social media, etc, it can still appear.

Beware what you download and also be careful about the type of images that are taken of you.

Be VERY careful about the type of images you show on the web, especially be thinking about your future goals, respect them, and yourself, and be aware of what you show online. Often on Facebook I have received messages from girls who are 12-16 and I have told many underage girls to take down racy photos.

Daily girls who want to be models email me, write me on Facebook, and read this blog, listen to my podcast radio show, watch my videos and I am very much on the web, but when I think of the why, why I advocating about the modeling business, really it is because of the scams and dangers out there, and how easy the Internet-age has made it for a girl who has dreams and ambition, to get hurt.  The segment reminded me how the Internet age has created outlets for us to express ourselves but also the dangers in using the web as a sole source to rely on for ones success.

In my books Almost 5'4" and my fashion illustrated graphic novel Model Life the Internet-age and the highs and lows of it are seen. I wanted to share it bluntly.  Hence this article from the New York Daily News, where I mention Craigslist appearing in Model Life.  (In the book you find the character going through the low's of using the Internet to get ahead until she forgets the web and strives to get serious and be a real model and take her goals into her hands.)

From a modeling perspective, if you want to seriously get legit modeling work that leads to more, you have to be very careful and not desperate about how you promote yourself, and I really think it is best to skip the Internet all together. The words Internet and modeling do not go hand in hand or mix well. 

It might seem like the right path, and it might sound easy, "just sign up, post your photo and be a model" type social networks.   But it is not a good idea.  I do not support the model profile site or model profile hosting site. It is amateur land and professional photographers are typically not on model social sites. So focus on legit entrance into the modeling industry. (aka: print modeling for a shorter girl)
To enhance this: Craigslist also means danger for aspiring models when you consider the type of posts that are out there. Just now in the Gigs section under Talent these are three posts of MANY others which scare the heck out of me and make me fear and worry for anyone who submits to these type of posts.

Seeking amateur nude models - (Near Columbia Univ .)

need big booty model for photo & video shoot - (Queens Bayside)

seeking attractive models for vintage fetish work - (NYC/LI)

My advice: Beware. And run. Stay away from this!!

I am glad the Adult section of Craigslist is gone.

When it comes to models and modeling, however are there any eyes watching the talent section and the creepy posts? I fear the worst about it.

It is best to say Screw Craigslist.

Mainly if you are seriously trying to model and/or curious about working as one, you have to be extremely careful about how and where you market yourself and photos you put out there, and many times I have mentioned NOT to use the web as a place to promote yourself as a model. Scams and mistakes, regret lurks. You know I am serious because I have been there, I wrote about mistakes I personally even made and bluntly share how lucky I am that I made it out alive during some of my early modeling mistakes, and I share how I have overcome these moments in my memoir Almost 5'4".  To be honest knowing about the dangers, risks, and trouble that an aspiring model can easily get into through the Internet is what inspires me to advocate and write this blog. 

It is possible to get legit work as a model even if you are shorter, but you have to be realistic with yourself, respect yourself, know yourself, and aim higher.  Get your professional model marketing tools, comp card, portfolio and work with professionals, the Internet is not the place to promote yourself as a model for hire.

I am glad Oprah shared Sarah's story, even with how painful it was to watch and hear, it is a fact that the Internet is not just a playground or another world that you turn on when you turn on your computer or touch your iPhone, it is real, alive, and can very badly hurt.  To all the aspiring models out there, aim higher and aim for professionalism, it is better to surround yourself with professionals even if your process is a bit slower...modeling is not an over night success, it is a journey, and for a shorter girl it take a perspective eye, a hands-on approach, and the right marketing mindset. Strive on, be safe, aim high!


(Isobella Jade TM)

Cute Booties from Bakers Shoes!

This is such a cute bootie from Bakers, don't you think! I like these with some riding pants or skinny jeans, or some cream colored tights and a knit dress! ooooh yes! Oh, and one more awesome thing, they are under $100!

Short & Stylish featuring Laura

Short & Stylish

Your Name: Laura

Your Height: 5'2"

Where you are from: Venezuela, from Colombian parents, I currently live in Salt Lake City Utah.

What you are wearing:

1. Black dress and a coral necklace

2. Simple Purple shirt, grey denim and brown cage shoes.

My philosophy on style: Style is a form of self expression. It's part of the whole 90% of communication is non-verbal. It delivers you, your mood, your self steam and it enhances or hides your inner and outer beauty.
My personal style is simple yet bold. And that's who I am on the inside, so it's a true reflection of my inner-self. Thank God I was born 5'2" because the size of my aura and my soul are so big that it would be too overwhelming on a 5'11" frame.  My Soul has the perfect home.

Thanks Laura! ~isobella

Short Stuff modeling tips on podcast this morning

Hey Girls,  This morning I'm reading some tips from my upcoming book Short Stuff,-, the book shares on the job modeling experiences and modeling tips for models of all sizes, it is due in October 2010. This morning tune in if you can to the live show which shares Five Steps to get ahead as a Short Model. Or catch the archive anytime!


Tune into the segment here:
Thursday 9/23/2010
10:30 AM EST

(Isobella Jade TM)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

getting it involves you!

Ask, try, seek, and you just might get! :) isobella jade

Five Steps to get ahead as a Short Model

Hey Girls,  Back to my podcast! Tomorrow morning reading some tips from my upcoming book Short Stuff,-which involves short stories from on the job modeling experiences and also tips for models of all sizes, due in October. Tune in if you can to the live show which shares Five Steps to get ahead as a Short Model.


Tune into the segment here:
Thursday 9/23/2010
10:30 AM EST

(Isobella Jade TM)

Research is a major part of being a self made model

A girl on Facebook recently asked me, "Do you know of any commercial photographers that know about taking photos that the commercial print agencies are looking for, I've been researching and haven't found anyone yet. Thanks."
I think headshot photographers are a good start. :) And a lot of times looking for TFP won't work, so I think it is best to invest in yourself and photos. A headshot photographer is a nice start for aspiring models because a professional photographer who shoots headshots and has a business knows about what models and actors needs and should know of agencies as well to submit to since they work among the industry. I know it is tough to find professionals with how commercialized the photography business has gotten but strive to get those professional shots, strive to show the real you in photos, with a photographer that understands what print modeling is. Or if there are agencies in your area you want to work with you could call them and ask which headshot photographers they suggest for an aspiring model?  Research is a major part of beign a self-made model, and for a shorter girl that's the life! Also if there is a local magazine check out the photographers who shoot for it, research professionals who are shooting print ads and editorials in magazines. I understand without experience as a model it could be a lot more tough to promote yourself, especially with photos that are not professional or just candid, but you could try.  Also a student at an art school, who is studying photography might be a good start for some basic shots to use to promote yourself to more established photographers. Strive, work hard, create, do, become. ~Isobella

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The best Honeymoon ever in Italy!

Hi Girls,

I wanted to share some pics from my honeymoon!  Just got back Sunday. For our honeymoon we went to Italy, Tuscany for 2 weeks! But we saw a lot!! We went to the Greve in Chianti wine festival and it was really fun discovering local wines that are not in the US and chatting with the vineyard owners, we stayed in a villa in Panzano called Villa le Barone, SO NICE, and I love Tuscany!

We also really ENJOYED Florence-firenze, walking the streets reminded me of NYC, & we drove to Pisa's Leaning Tower & Duomo, which were amazing, and we stayed in Siena for 6 days and Siena's Duomo was so eye-popping we went twice! & throughout the trip we took day trips to the sweet medieval towns Montipulciano & Lucca & Arezzo & the medieval Manhattan called San Gimignano, and went to Portofino, at the sea, for a night was so, so beautiful.  Also Italy is a lot more hilly that I thought it was. You'd drive through a tunnel, throught a hill often,--also the towns on hills were amazing, you'd drive on a major curvy hill and it would be like driving near a cliff, but the cliff was so beautiful, (Portofino).

We also went to Grosseto and went to the beach called Castiglione della pescia, and also Talomone was SO beautiful, the water is so clear and it is so untouched and raw. We also went to St. Stefano which reminded me of a more commercial Portfofino.

I think the pics here will explain the fun we had. Being in Italy you can't help but feel the culture, absorb the art, sit in awe, appreciate the history (I kept thinking, while looking at the art and paintings and skylines of Italy, about how nothing in America that was built which we admire now as historic was even conceptualized yet, imagine art and buildings, creations from the year 1000 or 1200?), the beauty of Italy will blow you away and the stories found in each town and city. I remember sitting in a lawn chair in Chianti at Villa le Barone and the stars, omg, it was unreal, like a dream how clear the stars were, how bright, how many!  Two nights we looked at the stars in Chianti during our stay and it was very memorable for us. 

We ate so much gelato and pasta, pork, seafood, wine!  Just don't try to eat between the hours of 2 or 5pm, it will be tough! Many doors close between those hours, so be prepared to eat late, 7-9ish. And don't mind the repeat of outfits, it was 2 weeks of not washing clothing and you will see some repeats of outfits, I hope you like the brown scarf I bought in Florence for 5 euro, love! I will share more about the cute fashion finds from Italy that I discovered and love. Especially Intimissimi lingerie which I first boughtin Rome and now it is a treat and special thing to get when I visit Italy always.  Here are some pictures from the start of the trip. I will share more throughout this week. 

If you click the image it should go bigger. ciao bella  ~Isobella

Actually, before Italy, we got to spend a few hours in Paris, we had a 7 hour layover!


The cathedral!
On top of the Giotto's bell tower, which is next to the The cathedral, - I climbed this in heels! See here.

Even stopped by a LUSH in Florence, bought Angels on bare skin, to use on the trip. 

More pics to come!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Petite Modeling Tips featuring Stylish Short Chicks!

Hey Girls!

I am back from 2 weeks in Italy! Before I share some pictures from that amazing time, I wanted to make sure you have been checking out the Short and Stylish features that have been up on my blog while I was in Italy and I hope you have enjoyed the features!  Here are the previous features and if you'd like to submit, please do! I hope it becomes an on-going-feature, to submit email your photo to me at, and share your name, height, where you're from, what you are wearing and how you remain happy about your stylish self in your own unique way, despite your height! Fashion might not love the short chicks, but we can still create our own path, and we can still like what we wear with some hustle and creativity and the will to work what we've got! :) ~Isobella

Here I am wearing a Tocca sweater, which I shrunk by accident in the wash, but it turns out, it fits better now! :)

More to come!

Short and Stylish featuring Shalayna

Short & Stylish

Name: Shalayna
Height: 5'2

I'm a bargain shopper, I dont like to buy anything over the price of $5 to save money!

I'm wearing:

Max Rave Blouse $2

H&M High waisted Trouser Pant $5

Purse $2

Necklace $1
Wow, that is impressive, also I like your  photos, they have an editorial feel, nice! ~Isobella

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Short and Stylish featuring AriDeonne

Short & Stylish

Your Name AriDeonne

Your Height 5'3

Where you are from: NJ

What you are wearing: Forever 21 dress, Forever 21 Accessories, and MIA Shoes

And anything extra you'd like to add about style, and fashion as a
shorter girl: I am a big fan of the sexy black dress, color is always
great, but for the most part I love form fitting dark colors.
Forever 21 is my favorite store because it has so many hair accessory
options, jewelry, and fab clothes!

Thanks hun! ~Isobella

Monday, September 13, 2010

Short and Stylish featuring Suzanne

Short & Stylish

Name: Suzanne

Height: 5'2 1/2

City: Los Angeles

Style: Dress- Urban Outfitters

Shorts- Armani Jeans (vintage)

Striped Top: LF

Flannel: Vintage

She also wrote me this sweet notie:
I'm JUST getting started in my attempt to model, and Im short and very petitie so finding your website was amazing! Its been such a confidence booster and encouragement, thanks!

I'm glad you like my blog Suzanna! :) ~ isobella