Tuesday, August 10, 2010

working with print agencies as a shorter model

remember: A print modeling agency won't craft your career, they typically will not teach you how to model, or make your marketing materials or comp card for you, even successful print models make their own comp cards and get their marketing material together, buy their portfolios,-- a print agency will work with your marketing materials that you give them to market you to their clients. A print agency is usually less hands on with their models, and print models often work non-exclusive with more than one agency. If you are wondering how to work with agencies and you are short, focus on print modeling agencies, and agencies that have "print "divisions." Print models use their personality to market products, so height isn't such an issue. Sometimes agencies still have height requirements, but focus on getting together your professional print modeling commercial print styled photos, and make a comp card, mail it to the agency and try.

A lot of girls write to me wondering how to get an agency, really it starts with noticing yourself, your assets, capturing them within your photography, making a comp card and marketing it to the right agencies. It is work and there is a lot of -pre-modeling agency work before you get in the door. Even when you are "working with" an agency it doesn't mean "your done working on yourself." As a print model you are always self marketing, and always managing your photography, striving to improve your compcards and get better opportunities. And it might take more than one agency to get you to the castings you want to get to. So work non-exclusive with many agencies, non-fashion models, print models, mostly work non-exclusive with (more than one) print agencies.

More on the differences on working with a print agencies and fashion agency:

More on making a comp card: http://petitemodelingtips.blogspot.com/2009/09/do-you-have-model-compcard-you-should.html

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